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  • Our New Favourite: Repair Cream

    Everyone should have our new favourite with them. At the office, for example, where the air is so dry. During a windy beach walk, on the bike or on the piste. As the new, full Repair Cream is our crème de la crème for dry or irritated skin.  Continue reading

  • The Unique Ingredients in the Repair Cream

    What is it that makes our new Repair Cream unique? Could you not just put some Vaseline on dry skin? If your skin is sensitive, irritated, broken or raw, then you need soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing substances. What does this cream offer? Continue reading

  • Why Do You Introduce Our Moisturizer Gradually?

    The Moisturizer is step 4 in our step by step plan for daily skin care. When you begin using this product, we advise gradual introduction. Why is this though? And how do you carry this out exactly?  Continue reading

  • Vitamin A Serum: Most Frequently Asked Questions

    The Vitamin A Serum is a great success. The product is not only flying out of the web shop, but questions about the product are also streaming in. Here is an overview of the 6 most frequently asked questions about our Serum.  Continue reading

  • How to Keep Your Make-Up Clean (and Your Skin Too)

    If you see magnified photos of your make-up brush you’ll be shocked by the amount of bacteria there is. How can you keep your make-up things clean for a long time?  Continue reading

  • Vitamin A Serum and Our Step-By-Step Plan

    What enthusiastic reactions received about the new Vitamin A Serum! But there are also more questions about the product. Because how does the new product fit into our 5-step plan?  Continue reading

  • Our Unique Form of Vitamin A

    Sun cream is the best candidate for preventing wrinkles. However, if you wish to reduce already present signs of ageing, we arrive at Vitamins. Vitamin A, in particular, in the correct form is a powerful skin enhancer. Dr. Jetske Ultee captured a unique form in a serum. How to use it?  Continue reading

  • New: Vitamin A Serum

    No cosmetic substance has been researched as much in recent years as Vitamin A. This ingredient actually has a proven skin rejuvenating effect. And that is ultimately what we all want. We would like to introduce to you this new player in our skincare range. 

    Continue reading

  • How to Read Your Skin

    Why should you avoid creams with lavender, eucalyptus or alcohol? Which treatments are available for acne, what should you be aware of if you have sensitive skin? Dr. Jetske Ultee’s book answers these and many more questions about skincare. A useful gift for yourself or others.  Continue reading

  • Using Make-Up with Acne, Is That Ok?

    Acne is one of the most common skin problems. It is therefore not so strange that so much (mis) information can be found about it. For instance, is it better to not wear make-up if you have acne?  Continue reading

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