My skin care line has been around for 10 years now and I dare say that almost every skin benefits from the products. The ingredients used are mild and proven effective and this is precisely why they are suitable for sensitive skin and even skin suffering from acne or rosacea. We have no samples or testers as we believe that to really be able to see what the products can do for you, you have to take your time. You can try out all products for 30 days. If you are not satisfied you will simply receive a refund.
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For my products I use high concentrations of active ingredients where scientific research has shown that they really do something for the skin. For example, lightening pigment spots, reducing redness, softening lines, and postponing the appearance of wrinkles for as long as possible… With the right ingredients, a lot can be achieved.
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dr. Jetske Ultee

Dr. Jetske Ultee studied medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She then worked as an assistant physician and researcher for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department, where she obtained her PhD in 2010.

Since 2004 Jetske has been working as a research physician in cosmetic dermatology.


In 2009 she launched her blog and in the following years she launched her own cosmetics line and her book All About Your Skin.


In 2014 she set up the Skinwiser Society, which conducts research into the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products. In the same year Dr. Jetske Ultee also launched the national campaign ‘Smeer je in!’ to create awareness of the importance of proper sun protection, especially for children.


In 2017 she opened her own Skincare Centre in Rotterdam.

For maximum efficacy of the active ingredients, my skin care is produced in small quantities in The Netherlands. That way you always have a fresh product.
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Not only do I carefully look at the formulation of a product, I also take great care in choosing the packaging. Some ingredients really remain much more stable and active for longer if you put them in airless packaging. For the products with high concentrations of antioxidants we have therefore chosen to use an airless bottle with a pump. And these pumps, which we also use for the other products, also ensure that your product remains clean.
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It is very important to me that all ingredients are safe. So safe that the products I make can safely be used by my kids as well. And not only do I want the ingredients to be safe for the skin, but also for nature. Perhaps my role is only a small one, but for every aspect – from ingredient to production process and shipping – I try to make small steps forward when it comes to sustainability. The shipping boxes for example, are now filled with biodegradable packing peanuts made of corn.
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“Good and mild skin care products based on independent scientific research. That, to me, is important.”


Dr. Jetske Ultee
SHARING KNOWLEDGE The blog about skin care

In the world of cosmetics so many claims and promises are made. For example, that expensive creams are always better than cheap alternatives. Or, that you can rub away deep wrinkles. You can’t. But you can get rid of fine lines, reduce pigments spots or improve dull skin. I believe people have a right to know what is true and what isn’t. What has been researched and proven? What does work? I wanted to share my knowledge so that people are able to make conscious and well-informed decisions when it comes to their skin care products. This is why I started my own blog in 2009. Because my main motivation is helping people get more beautiful skin.

I will help you get great skin
Take the test
Take the test
Online Skin Analysis


Beautiful skin starts with the right skin care. The first step is to determine your skin type. This is the only way you can customise your cosmetics to your skin’s needs. It is for this reason that I developed an online Skin Analysis.



Customer Services


Do you have a question? For example, would you like advice or further explanation about the products? Or do you have any questions about your order? Whether it is about skin complaints or spending your reward points; we’re happy to help.




Personalised skin care advice
Personalised skin care advice
Skincare Centre

Although we offer an extensive online skin analysis and our team of skin experts is available on a daily basis to answer your questions and give additional explanation, it can sometimes be nice when somebody looks at your skin in person. This is possible at the Skincare Centre.



Dr. Jetske Ultee
SHARING KNOWLEDGE All About Your Skin by Dr. Jetske

You can also find my views and advice in my book All About Your Skin. Would you like to know all about ingredients that can really improve your skin? And are you curious to find out which jars are better left on the shelf? In my book I have listed all the dos and don’ts for beautiful skin. Are you suffering from acne or pigment spots and have you already tried many things? Or do you think it is best to only use natural ingredients or baby products because you have sensitive skin? In that case, I’m convinced you will find useful tips in my book!”