‘My Moisturizer is special because of the high level of active ingredients’

  1. Moisturizer
    50 ml
    Day and night cream with antioxidants for normal to dry skin
  2. Moisturizer
    50 ml
    Day and night cream with antioxidants for normal to oily skin
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Frequently asked questions
How do you use the Moisturizer?
Apply the Moisturizer after the Cleanser (step 1)the Toner (step 2) and, if necessary, the Exfoliant (step 3). Wait for the Exfoliant to absorb into the skin properly. If you are not using an Exfoliant, apply the Moisturizer directly over the Toner. In this way, the moisture and the active substances in the Toner become locked in the skin and the active ingredients in the Moisturizer will be more effective. The Moisturizer by Dr. Jetske Ultee is for use both in the morning and at night, including around the eyes. A separate eye cream or day and night product is not necessary. You apply more Moisturizer to dry skin than to oily skin. The product contains high concentrations of active substances; sometimes your skin needs to get used to this. So build its use up gradually.
The active ingredients in the Moisturizer
The Moisturizers by Dr. Jetske Ultee can truly benefit the skin. They contain high concentrations of active and hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin C, E and Niacinamide. These useful substances repair the skin barrier function and, along with this, the moisture balance. This reduces the opportunity for skin problems such as irritation and redness. The product range for drier skin gives a full, soft feel. Extra soothing and sebum regulating ingredients, such as liquorice root and evodia, are added especially for oilier and more problem skin. No product can smooth away wrinkles. However, regular use of the Moisturizer, preferably in combination with a sun cream, will delay the signs of skin ageing and bring a glow back to the skin.
Normal, dry or oily skin
By applying the Moisturizer directly onto damp skin after washing and cleansing, the moisture is better sealed in. Do you suffer from dry skin? Then simply apply a thicker layer of Moisturizer. In the evening you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline or a plant based oil over the cream if necessary. Is your skin very oily? Apply a thin layer of Moisturizer then; one pump action is enough. During the daytime applying just the Toner onto the oiliest parts of the face- this is usually the chin, nose and forehead- is enough.
What does the Moisturizer do?
The Moisturizer makes up an important part of skincare. To begin with, this product ensures the skin has a good moisture balance. Alongside this the Moisturizer nourishes the skin and protects it against external influences. The Moisturizer does so much more than just giving a fine soft feel. It is a commanding beautifier in our step by step plan.