Hand Care

'I take great care in choosing the ingredients. They have to do what they promise.'

Hand Care

  1. Hand Wash
    Hand Wash
    500 ml
    Caring hand soap with extra glycerin and betaine. Free of perfume, suitable for the most sensitive skin
  2. New formula
    Repair Cream
    Repair Cream
    50 ml
    Extra rich cream for dry and sensitive skin. For face and body

Hand care

The skin of the hands is delicate. Therefore, take care of your hands like you do your face. And that starts with the cleansing.


Hand Wash: soft, caring hand soap, free of perfume

We wash our hands quite a few times a day. That is why it is vital that you use a product that is gentle on your skin and does not dry out the hands. Dr. Jetske developed a caring perfume-free hand soap. The product contains high concentrations of glycerin and betaine. These ingredients keep the hands soft and hydrated during and after washing, which is special for hand soap. The soap is suitable for the most sensitive skin and comes in generous, luxurious packaging. Protect your hands after washing with Repair Cream. This way, they stay soft and in good condition.


Repair Cream: extra rich cream, also for your hands and dry spots on your body

The Repair Cream is an extra rich cream, specially developed for dry spots on your skin. It is therefore also the perfect hand cream. The product contains a unique combination of substances which occur naturally in the protective layer of your skin, such as ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. These keep the skin hydrated and strong. For extra protection and softening, oat extract, panthenol and squalane have been added. Use the Repair Cream immediately after washing your hands.