‘The perfect home peeling, also for sensitive skin’

  1. Exfoliant
    50 ml
    Home peeling with 8% glycolic acid. For normal to dry skin
  2. Exfoliant
    50 ml
    Home peeling with 1% salicylic acid. For normal, oily, unsettled and/or sensitive skin
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Frequently asked questions
What is an Exfoliant?
An Exfoliant is still a relatively unknown player beside our washbasins. This product can, however, give your skin an immense boost. An Exfoliant removes the dead skin cells and gives the skin a fresh and smooth look. And from your thirties onwards, this is no unnecessary extravagance.
Difference between an Exfoliant and a scrub
A scrub does not do the same as an Exfoliant. The granules in scrubs scrape, as it were, the layer of dead skin cells off. But in doing so they can damage the underlying skin layer and thereby disturb the balance of the natural barrier. The acids in Exfoliants ensure that the uppermost layer of dead skin cells dislodge more easily, resulting in the appearance of a fresh, more radiant skin.
The active ingredients in the Exfoliant
Dr. Jetske Ultee has developed two Exfoliants. These contain effective concentrations of Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid with the correct pH value. Before using, check your skin type. Dry skin will benefit the most from Glycolic Acid. This water soluble acid dissolves dead skin cells, improves the moisture balance and makes pigmentation spots less visible. If you have problem, oily or sensitive skin, choose the Salicylic Acid. This fat soluble fruit acid penetrates deep into the pores where it dissolves the build-up of sebum. The product is thereby also very suitable for skin with acne.
How to use the Exfoliant
Gradually build up the use of the Exfoliant (two to three times a week). As soon as your skin is used to it you can increase to daily use. Apply it in the evening, after cleansing with the Cleanser (step 1) and after applying Moisturizer (step 4). Exfoliants can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore apply sun cream (step 5) in the morning, after the Moisturizer has been applied and has absorbed in.
What can an Exfoliant do for the skin?
Proper Exfoliants do more than give your skin a fresh feel. Apart from dislodging and removing the build-up of dead skin cells, they immediately improve the moisture balance and strengthen the skin itself. This happens through the activity of specific hydroxy acids. Therefore this applies to all exfoliating products: use them with care. Acids can cause some irritation to begin with. Therefore build up their application gradually. Acids only work with a low pH value (acidic). If the pH value is higher than 5, then your product will probably have little effect.