Powder Brush

for all skin types
• A full and softly rounded brush
• For an even application of the Powder
• Extremely fine hairs for a fine feel

EUR 29.95
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  • Use the Powder Brush to apply the Powder or Bronzer
  • Tapping the brush on your wrist will get rid of excess Powder or Bronzer
  • Mix the Powder or Bronzer well in the skin to avoid streaks
  • Clean the brush every couple of weeks with the Cleanser or a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly


The Powder Brush is a full and softly rounded Powder Brush. The structure and shape of the brush make it possible to apply the Powder finely and evenly. This fine product is handmade by an Italian family business specialising in the production of synthetic brushes. No animal materials have therefore been used.

Length: 20 cm


1. What Do I use the Powder Brush for?

You can use this Powder Brush to apply the Powder and Bronzer by Dr. Jetske Ultee evenly and lightly onto the face.


2. What is the best way to use the Powder Brush?

Before applying, tap or blow the excess powder from the brush. Then apply the Powder evenly across the face.


3. Does the brush contain animal or synthetic hairs?

The brush is made with synthetic hairs. No animal material has been used.


4. How can I clean the Powder Brush?

If you use the brush daily, clean it every couple of weeks with warm water and a little Dr. Jetske Ultee Cleanser or a mild shampoo. Leave the brush to dry. 


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