In 3 lovely colours
  • Keeps your hair out of your face during your skincare routine
  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Packaged in a beautiful envelope
  • Nice as a gift

30 day trial • Not satisfied? Money back*
*You can try out all Dr. Jetske Ultee’s products for 30 days. Are you not satisfied? Or doesn’t your skin react well to the products? In that case you can return the products and you will get a refund. Also, when the product has been opened and used.



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Product Information
Product Information

Dr. Jetske Ultee: "My soft Skincare Headband keeps your hair away from your face during your skincare routine. Ideal for cleansing or when applying a mask, such as my Clay Powder. You can choose from three colours: grey, burgundy, and pink. The headband is handmade in a sewing studio in the Netherlands and comes packaged in a beautiful envelope. A wonderful gift for someone else or for yourself."


  1. Put on the Skincare Headband and ensure your hairline is covered.
  2. You can now start your skincare routine.
Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of wearing a headband?

The headband keeps your hair away from your face during your skincare routine, preventing it from getting wet. It also makes it much easier to apply your skincare and ensures you don't miss any areas, such as the skin around your hairline.

How do you wash the headband?

You can wash the headband at 30 degrees Celsius. The band should not be tumble-dried or bleached. You can iron it at a low temperature.

What materials are the headbands made of?

The burgundy headband is made of 70% modal and 30% polyester, while the pink and grey headbands are made of 72% modal and 28% polyester.

Are the headbands sustainable?

The headbands are made of modal and polyester. Modal is made from cellulose extracted from beechwood. The modal fibers used are fully biodegradable and certified as such. The polyester carries the OEKO-TEX label, indicating it is free from harmful substances. This makes the fabric more sustainable.

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