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Do you have a question? For example, would you like advice or further explanation about the products? Or do you have questions about your order? Whether it’s about skin complaints or spending reward points; we’re happy to help.  Click here to find out how you can contact our skin therapists and experts. Below you’ll find an overview of answers to frequently asked questions. Perhaps your question is among them?

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Products and use
Which products are the most suitable for my skin?

To find out which products are best suited to your skin, you can take the skin analysis via our website. You will then know what your skin type is, how you need to look after your skin and which products Dr. Jetske Ultee advise you to use. Not sure? Contact one of our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.


Can I use the products during pregnancy?

All of the products by Dr. Jetske Ultee can be used during pregnancy with the exception of the Vitamin A Serum. Although no medical warning applies to cosmetic anti-ageing creams with retinoids, we still advise you, for extra security, not to use this product during pregnancy and/or breast feeding. Women who were unaware that they were pregnant, and have used the Serum on their skin, do not need to be concerned.

Keep a close eye on your skin; it can become more sensitive during pregnancy. If you notice that you react to one of the products, go back a step: for example leave a day between using.


Are the products tested on animals, are the products ‘vegan’?

Dr. Jetske Ultee's products are free from all animal testing. All products are also vegan: they are free from any ingredients extracted from dead or living animals. 


Can I begin using all of the products at the same time?

The products by Dr. Jetske Ultee contain high concentrations of active substances such as antioxidants. It is, therefore, important that you use them in the right way. Because of its unique composition, your skin may need to become accustomed to the products. At first you may even experience slight tingling when applying onto the skin. Do not start using the Exfoliant and/or the Serum until you know that your skin reacts well to the other products. Gradually increase the use; start with two to three times a week. This will stop your skin from becoming temporarily unsettled.    

You can find more information about the manner and order of use of the different products in this blog, in the product description and in the instructions for use leaflet.


How do I use the products?

You will find the instructions for use leaflet in the product details of each product. If you cannot find this then you can contact our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.


After using the products my skin tingles. Is this bad?

Before using the products first test each of them on the inside of your forearm. If your skin reacts well you can try the products on your face. The presence of active ingredients such as antioxidants can cause your skin to tingle slightly. Gradually increase the use. You can, for instance, for the first few days apply the Moisturizer once a day instead of twice a day. If your skin does not react well then contact our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.

In this blog you will find more information about starting with our products.


Why is there no distinction between the products for the young and more mature skin?

It is important to look at the needs of the skin and not so much at the age. A young, dry skin, in principle, has the same care needed as the more mature, dry skin. There are of course ingredients which are not so suitable for younger skin, such as the medicine Vitamin A Acid. There are also exceptions to this; Vitamin A Acid can be prescribed if you suffer from acne. If you are having difficulty deciding which products are the most suitable for your skin you can take our detailed skin analysis or contact one of our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.


I am advised to use the Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid, but I don't have oily skin. Why is this?

You probably have sensitive skin. The Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid is generally tolerated by all skin types, also the sensitive skin. The Exfoliant 8% Glycolic Acid penetrates deeper into the skin which can increase the risk of irritation. This is why, despite the fact that you do not have oily skin, you have been advised to use the Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid.


How long is the shelf life of the products?

The Cleanser, the Toner, the Exfoliant, the Vitamin A Serum and the Suncare last for twelve months after opening. The use by date of the Moisturizer can be found on the underside of the bottle. Because this product contains the most active ingredients in high concentrations, the shelf life is shorter compared to the other products.


How should I store the products?

The products can be stored at room temperature, except the Moisturizer, which needs to be stored in the refrigerator or another cool place. In this blog you will find more information why this is necessary to keep the product in perfect condition.


My account
How do I create an account at Dr. Jetske Ultee?

You can make an account on our website by clicking on ‘my account’ top left on the homepage, or here. Under ‘new customer’ click on ‘create an account’. After filling in your details click on ‘send’ and your account is created. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.


What can I view in my account?

Your account enables a speedier payment process and you can see a summary of things such as your earlier orders, loyalty points and stored skin analyses. If you want to make use of the loyalty point system, then you need to create an account via our website. You can also just place an order without an account.


I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password fill in under ‘registered customers’ the e-mail address of your account and click on ‘forgotten your password?’. You will then receive an e-mail from us to reset your password.


I want to change my password

After you have logged in you can change your password under ‘login details’. After saving your new password you can use it immediately. You will not receive a confirmation of the changed password by e-mail.


How does the reward points system work?

Please check under 'Frequently asked questions' for more information about the reward points system.


Dispatch and delivery
When will my order be dispatched?

If you place an order before 23:30 on a working day then your order will be dispatched the same day. If you place an order after 23:30 on a working day, the order will be dispatched the following day. If you order after 23:30 on a Friday your order will be dispatched on the following Monday.


How can I place an order with Dr. Jetske Ultee?

Search for the product you would like to order under ‘products’. Click on ‘in shopping basket’ and the product will be in your shopping basket. You are then automatically directed to your shopping basket. If you want to shop for more click on ‘continue shopping’. If you want to pay click on ‘proceed to payment’ where you can complete the order.


How will my order be sent?

All products from our web shop are sent by the parcel service DPD, except the Netherlands, where it is PostNL, and Germany, where besides DPD customers may also choose DHL at a small extra fee. You usually receive your order the following day in the Netherlands and Belgium and in two days time in Germany and Austria. Other countries may take a few days longer. The delivery packaging with foam, in which our products are sent, are made from recyclable environmentally friendly materials.


When can I expect my order?

You will receive a Track & Trace code of your order from us by e-mail. Also check your spam folder for this if necessary. With the Track & Trace code you can see when your order is due to be delivered by DPD (or PostNL in the Netherlands or DHL, if choces, in Germany). Parcels are usually delivered the following day in the Netherlands and Belgium, in two days in Germany and Austria, and may take a few days longer in other countries.


Check order

Always check the shopping basket before completing your order. After filling in your details you can choose a delivery address: this may be your own address or a collection point.


Payment and completion

Via our website you can pay by Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Maestro, MisterCash, Ideal or Sofort Banking. After choosing a payment method click on ‘send order’ and then start the payment process by your desired bank.


To which countries do you deliver?

Via our webshop, we deliver our products to (in alphabetical order) Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Span and the United Kingdom.

For still other countries please contact our customer service via Customer Service Contact. We will produce a paper invoice for you and when we receive your payment we will send your order.

For Germany, we have a dedicated website: For the Netherlands it is


I do not have internet banking

You can contact our customer services via Customer Service Contact. We can produce a paper invoice for you. When we have received payment we will send your order.


Can I also buy the products elsewhere?

The products by Dr. Jetske Ultee are only available via our web shops.


I haven’t received my order

If you don’t receive your order contact our customer services. You can reach us via Customer Service Contact.


My order is incorrect

If your order is incorrect then contact our customer services. You can contact us via Customer Service Contact.


Can I cancel or change an order?

We work with an automated system enabling orders to be sent each day. This enables fast delivery to you. It is not possible to change or cancel an order. Check your order properly before completing.


Can I let my order be delivered to another address?

You can have your order delivered at a different address or at a Parcel Collection point, but in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany only. By choosing a Parcel Collection point your order can be delivered to a delivery point of your choice. For a Parcel Collection point evening deliveries are not possible.


When can I pick up my order from the Parcel Collection point?

You will receive a Track & Trace code from us per e-mail. You can keep track of when your order will be delivered with this code. Alongside this you will receive an e-mail from PostNL stating when your order can be picked up from the Parcel Collection point.


Can I arrange for my order to be delivered at another time?

Yes, but only in the Netherlands. You can choose to have your order delivered in the evening which costs an extra €2,00 for delivery. In step 2. ‘delivery’ in the order process you can choose this procedure.


Returns and exchanges
Can I have a refund if I am not satisfied with the products? What is 'satisfaction guaranteed'?

If your skin does not react well to the ordered products, then you will receive a refund. For this first contact our customer services via Customer Service Contact.


I have received the wrong/damaged/defect product

If you have received the wrong product you will receive the correct product from us free of charge. If the product is damaged or defective when received we will send you a new product free of charge. First contact our customer services via Customer Service Contact.


How can I return a product or my order?

To expedite and simplify the returns process, we kindly ask that you first contact us before returning a parcel or product. Contact us via Customer Service Contact.


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