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Nourishing make-up

Good make-up naturally goes together with good skincare. That means products which do not irritate or clog your skin, but properly care for and let it radiate. The make-up by Dr. Jetske Ultee is distinctive because of the use of only extremely mild and soothing ingredients. You feel it, and you see it.


Natural Foundation

The Foundation by Dr. Jetske Ultee feels extremely soft on the skin, glides on gently and offers a fine, light coverage without blocking the pores. The cream is entirely free from irritating substances and contains real active, nourishing ingredients. This makes the product suitable for all skin types. The Foundation is packaged in a super airless dispenser. This makes application easy and keeps the cream bacteria free. Four chic, very natural colours have been created. Sample kits are available to help with choosing the right shade.


Soft Powders and Bronzer

To give the skin a matt finish or to fix liquid make-up, Dr. Jetske Ultee has created two soft Powders. Thanks to the mild ingredients, the Powders are also suitable for the more dry or sensitive skin types. The products are even safe to use around the eyes, the area that liquid make-up goes straight into the creases or lines. The transparent Powder is tailored to the Foundations in two colours. For a subtle colour and glow, a super Bronzer can be applied. This product also contains only nourishing components, which will not irritate even a sensitive skin, but make it radiant.


Super soft Powder Brush

Finally, for smooth application of the make-up, Dr. Jetske Ultee has created a majestic Powder Brush. This Powder Brush is handmade and has a full, softly rounded ‘head of hair’, whereby both the Powder and the Bronzer can be applied lightly and comfortably, without leaving smudges or brush strokes. The super soft hairs will guarantee a luxurious feeling skin.