‘Gifts for every skin’


  1. Body Cream
    Body Cream
    500 ml
    Body products with antioxidants and liquorice root. For all skin types
  2. All about your skin
    All about your skin
    What you need to know about your skin and the products you apply to it
    14,95 24,95
  3. Giftcard Dr. Jetske Ultee
    Giftcard Dr. Jetske Ultee
    Who will you send a gift card? Choose a nice image
    from 15,00
  4. Powder Brush
    Powder Brush
    20 centimeter
    A full brush for an even application of powder
  5. Beautybox
    All make-up products in a luxury gift box
  6. NEW
    Soft headband to use during your skincare routine.
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Frequently asked questions
Which amounts can I choose for the Gift card?

You decide which amount you would like to spend on your Gift card. The minimum amount you can put on the card is 15 euro and the maximum amount is 100 euro.


How long is the Giftcard valid for?

The Giftcard has no expiry date and can be used to purchase all products in the Dr. Jetske Ultee web shop.


How do I use the gift voucher?

A unique code is sent with the Giftcard. This code can be used when you complete your order from your shopping basket.


How do I know if the Gift card has been delivered?

If you have completed your order you will receive an e-mail from us with confirmation of your purchase and of your message sent. The one who you are surprising will at the same time receive the Gift card with the personal message in their inbox.


I would rather give the Giftcard personally

Would you rather give the Giftcard personally? When ordering, put your own e-mail address in both the sender box and the receiver box. You will then receive the digital gift card in your inbox for you to print out.