dr. Jetske Ultee

"Fine and mild skincare products
based on independent, scientific research. That, for me is important."

Skinwiser -wise up on skin

Why are people with acne less prone to wrinkles? What does cold water do to the skin? Which ingredients can reduce pigment spots, what is the risk of antibiotics for spots, and what is actually proven and known about probiotics and skin complaints?


Skinwiser face examples



These and many other research questions in the area of cosmetics, skin care and treatments, will be answered in detail by Dr Jetske Ultee on the website of her Skinwiser Society. On a weekly basis, recently published studies from all over the world will be examined and explained.


Own research

Skinwiser Society also conducts small research themselves. Literature research in collaboration with students as well as clinical trials. For example, to examine the effects of new cosmetic ingredients on skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Or the use of the cleansing brush. Wit the help of scientific measuring equipment the skin can be mapped and the effect on the skin barrier, hydration, sebum production, PH value and the presence of unwanted skin inhabitants, measured.