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Beautiful skin in 5 steps


Proper care can really help your skin. But which products will you then need? Dr. Jetske Ultee adopts these five gentle and effectively proven basic products for daily care. Use all five in the correct way.


Step 1. Cleanser | Cleanse

A good, mild Cleanser is, in fact, a must for everyone; it is the first step towards healthy, beautiful skin. Sebum, dead skin cells and dirt build up over the course of the day. If you do not cleanse properly, your skin takes on a dull and uneven appearance. The likelihood of irregularities also increases. This Cleanser cleans without damaging the skin barrier. Think of cleansing like cleaning your teeth; an important daily routine. 


Step 2. Toner | Soothe

The Toner is not yet so familiar. Yet all skin can benefit from daily use of this fine product. After cleansing, the Toner moisturizes the skin and protects and soothes it. The Toner will remove the last traces of Cleanser and will also ensure effective absorption of the active substances in the Moisturizer. Your face will feel wonderful.


Step 3. Exfoliant | Remove dead skin cells

The Exfoliant is also still a fresh emergence to our washbasins. This product removes dead skin cells, but in a gentle way without damaging the skin. Good Exfoliants contain effective concentrations of Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid. These acids enable the dead skin cells to loosen more readily, giving rise to a fresh, more radiant skin. Apply an Exfoliant onto a well cleansed skin. Regular exfoliation will keep the skin fresh, calm and healthy.


Step 4. Moisturizer | Nourish

The Moisturizer is the real beautifier of the set. In fact, no skin can do without it. This product makes a difference visibly and tangibly. The Moisturizers by Dr. Jetske Ultee contain a unique combination of protective, soothing, strengthening and moisture binding ingredients allowing the skin to function optimally again. By applying the Moisturizer directly over the Toner the active substances will be absorbed more effectively.


Step 5. Suncare | Protect

Rounding off your new daily skin routine is the Suncare. For we cannot stress this enough: the ultimate anti-wrinkle cream is a good sun cream. During summer or winter months, make a habit of applying every morning. Suncare is safe for the skin and offers, as well as extra antioxidants, proper protection against UVA and UVB rays.


Although the above products form the basis of good skincare for almost everyone, the method of use can vary per person. For tailored advice take the skin analysis.