Privacy Statement

You leave some of your personal data with us, because that is what is required when you order products. We can well imagine you would like to know why we ask for those and what we do with the data. We are happy to explain.


Very safe

All data that you leave with us, we take great care to store and protect with modern techniques. Who does not need the data cannot access them. Sometimes it is necessary to share your data with third parties, e.g. our distribution centre or the delivery services. We demand from our partners they handle as careful as we do and that the data are only used for the purpose you gave them to us. We do this via so-called processor agreements with our partners. E.g. with Google Analytics we agreed to have all IP addresses masked.


What do we do with your data

Why is it a necessity to leave your personal data? We utilise this data for various purposes:

Your delivery
For the delivery of your order we obviously need your name, email address, delivery location, payment information and sometimes your telephone number. Thus we can deliver your products and we can keep you up-to-date on the status of your delivery. We do share some of the data with our distribution centre and wht delivery services.

In your own account  (My Account login) on our site we keep a.o. your name, addresses telephonenumber and emailaddress, but also your Reward points. That is easy for you, because you do not have to enter your personal data with each order. We also keep the information about your previous orders so you can easily find those for new orders.

 …and also for the storing the analyses of your skin
When you create your own account, that provides also the possibility to store the outcomes of your online skinanalysis. That allows you to review the advice at a later moment. Results are stored and only used (anonymously) for analytical purposes.

The data your store in your account on our website is not shared with other parties.

A good contact with the Customer Service department
You can call, mail, chat, whatsapp with us and use Messenger to ask us questions. To assist you quickly, we use your data. Also we make note that we store. Easy when you contact us another time. For that correspondence we use specific software for customer services and helpdesks.


Treatments in the Skincare Centre
For treatments you undergo in the Skincare Centre, we need some additonal information from you, e.g. about your skin and possible illnesses. These data will only be used for your treatment, nothing is shared with others and only our skin therapists have access to that information.


To put reactions under our blogs
It is possible to react to our blogs. You are required to leave your email address. We use that information only to prevent misues of the option and to get in contact when needed.


For the provision of newsletters
You can opt for our newsletter. That way you keep up-to-date with our offerings, activities and new developments. We utilise a specific email marketing program for this purpose. Every newsletter your receive offers the option to opt-out, alternatively you can subscribe or unsubscribe via your own account.


To leave a review
Reviews can be filled out in the applicable Kiyoh system. We uoload these automatically into our webshop.



And what about cookies

To ensure proper working of the website Dr. Jetske Ultee and for you to be able to have a nice shopping experience, we utilise cookies. What those are? How they work? That information can be found here: cookies.



Do you have questions about your data?

In case you would like to know about your data, have them adjusted or deleted, please do contact our Customer Service department. They are there to help you. In case of issues you cannot work out together, you can always turn to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.


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