‘My toner soothes. And ensures that the ingredients in your cream are more easily absorbed by your skin’

  1. Toner
    Soothing spray for normal to dry skin
  2. Toner
    150 ml
    Soothing spray for normal to oily skin
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Frequently asked questions
How do you use the Toner?
Apply the Toner straight after the Cleanser (step 1). Spray generously onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your face. Your skin is now ready for the Exfoliant (step 3) and/or the Moisturizer (step 4). The Toner comes in a spray bottle making this product hygienic to use and easy to apply.
The active ingredients in the Toner
The Toners by Dr. Jetske Ultee contain a unique combination of soothing, protecting and hydrating ingredients. In the product are antioxidants such as Niacinamide, moisture binding substances such as glycerine and soothing ingredients such as liquorice root extract. These are real beautifiers, which every skin can benefit from.
Dry, oily or sensitive skin
Due to high concentrations of active substances the Toner by Dr. Jetske Ultee can also serve as a ‘light’ Moisturizer in certain circumstances. Do you, for instance, suffer from very oily skin or a combination skin with oily areas? You can then replace the Moisturizer with the Toner. After applying the Toner, you can apply a cream onto the drier areas of the skin. Or have you got very sensitive, problem or dry skin? Then apply the Toner instead of the Cleanser in the morning. The Toner is also perfect for refreshing and soothing the skin on warm days. For this spray the product directly onto the skin.
What does the Toner do?
To begin with the Toner ensures that any last remaining traces of Cleanser and/or make-up are gently removed. But the most important job of the Toner is to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin. Moreover the Toner has a key role in the 5 step plan. For example, the active ingredients in the Moisturizer work more effectively in the skin when the Toner is applied beforehand. The Exfoliant is also more beneficial when the skin is primed with the Toner. At the same time, the active substances and the liquid in the Toner are locked in better when a Moisturizer is applied directly afterwards. To put it simply, the Toner is an essential product within your skincare regime.