Extra Care

‘For skin that can use a little extra help’

Extra Care

  1. Azelaic Acid Serum
    Azelaic Acid Serum
    15 ml
    Serum for all skin types. Helps to reduce spots, bumps and redness
  2. New formula
    Vitamin A Serum
    Vitamin A Serum
    15 ml
    The mild alternative for Vitamin A Acid. Helps combat fine lines, pigment spots, and large pores
  3. New formula
    Repair Cream
    Repair Cream
    50 ml
    Extra rich cream for dry and sensitive skin. For face and body
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Frequently asked questions
Can you use the Azelaic Acid Serum when you are pregnant?

Can you use the Azelaic Acid Serum when you are pregnant? You may use the Serum during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


What exactly is Azelaic Acid and how does the Serum work?

Azelaic Acid is naturally present in the skin but can also be found in other sources such as wheat, rye and barley. It has anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating properties and acts as an antioxidant. Dr. Jetske Ultee opted for a derivative of azelaic acid that is stable, mild and effective.


Aside from azelaic acid the Serum contains magnolia bark extract. This substance not only acts as an antioxidant, it also has antibacterial properties. An effective concentration of liquorice root extra was added for an extra soothing effect. In addition, the Serum contains the yeast killing ingredient Piroctone Olamine. Together the ingredients ensure that the skin becomes smoother. Problems such as redness and bumps lessen. Furthermore, the Serum has a lightening effect on certain pigment spots.


How does Vitamin A Serum differ from other forms of Vitamin A?

Vitamin A comes in many different forms. Their collective name is retinoids. The two most well-known forms in this family are tretinoin (Vitamin A Acid) and retinol. The first chemical has a powerful effect on the skin structure and therefore comes under medicine. A cream with Vitamin A Acid is registered as a medicine for the treatment of acne. Years of experience and research has told us that Vitamin A helps acne but also has a rejuvenating effect. It is not yet common practise to ask your Doctor for a prescription for signs of ageing. Those who want to use Vitamin A for wrinkles have to settle for the freely available forms of retinol in ‘normal cosmetics’.  Retinol also has a proven effectiveness in improving the skin structure. But the ingredient is the same as Vitamin A Acid in that it is pretty unstable and also has an extremely irritating effect on the skin. That is why creams always contain quite low concentrations of the chemical. This means that the effectiveness will automatically become reduced. This Serum, therefore, contains a new and unique form of Vitamin A. Retinol needs to be converted into an active form in the skin before it can get to work in the cell, whereas the active ingredient in this Serum (hydroxypinacolone retinoate) can bind directly in the cell. This makes it very effective. As well as this the Serum is skin friendly and is less likely to cause irritation than retinol or tretinoin (Vitamin A Acid).


When do I use the Repair Cream?

The Repair Cream is a super product to put on dry or irritated skin. The rich, healing cream is suitable for the face and body. The product absorbs easily into the skin and gives a silky smooth feel.


What does Vitamin A Serum do?

The Serum helps reduce signs of skin ageing. Vitamin A ensures an improved production of collagen. The skin acquires a stronger structure. This process helps reduce fine lines, give the skin a more youthful radiance and prevent new wrinkles from forming. The Serum is also effective for blocked pores, course skin texture and impurities. Long term and consistent use will make the skin smoother and more even.


How often do I use the Repair Cream?

You can use the Repair Cream as often as you like. You can apply the cream in the morning, but also in the evening before going to bed, on top of the Moisturizer. Try and look at the needs of your skin. Does your skin feel dry and tight in the winter? Do your lips or hands suffer? Then apply some before you leave the house, and don’t forget to carry the product in your bag. The Repair Cream is also a great product for on the ski slopes, during a bracing beach walk or on the ice.


Is the Repair Cream also suitable for young skin?

As we get older our skin changes, and along with this the needs of our skin. The more mature skin is thinner and therefore often more dry. Furthermore, the antioxidant supply dwindles with the rising years and, whereas the ceramide levels are still at 100% in your twenties, by the time you reach fifty they have dropped to 37%. Having said that, a young skin can also be dry and damaged, just as a mature skin can suffer from spots. In order to choose the correct care it is therefore important to look at the skin, rather than just at the age. The Repair Cream is also very suitable for children.