1. Cleanser
    150 ml
    Mild cleanser for normal to dry skin
  2. Cleanser
    150 ml
    Mild cleanser for normal to oily skin
  3. ‘Everything starts with the right cleanser. I choose mild. For every skin’

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Frequently asked questions
How do you use the Cleanser?
Use the Cleanser at least before going to sleep each day. Firstly, rinse your face with warm water. Massage a small amount of Cleanser onto damp skin. Follow this by rinsing the product off and dab with a clean towel. Your skin is now ready for the Toner (step 2), the Exfoliant (step 3) and/or the Moisturizer (step 4)
The ingredients in the Cleanser
The Cleansers by Dr. Jetske Ultee cleanse the skin without interrupting the barrier function. Therefore there are no substances such as denatured alcohol or industrial soap, nor perfume in them. All the ingredients used are extremely mild for the skin and soluble in water; after all you rinse the product straight off. The Cleanser for normal to dry skin is creamy and contains shea butter, which, after cleansing, makes it feel hydrated. The products for normal to oily skin are also mild, and have a gel-like structure which is easy to wash off.
Dry, normal and oily skin
This mild Cleanser is suitable for cleansing normal to oily or combination skin twice a day. Is your skin actually very dry or sensitive? Then just cleanse in the evening before going to bed. In the morning you can then clean your face with the Toner instead of the Cleanser.
What does the Cleanser do?
Good cleansing begins with a mild Cleanser. This removes bacteria and excess sebum, without drying out or irritating the skin. Cleansing is a vitally important step in daily skin care. Cleansing in the right way will keep your skin clean and prevent pores from becoming blocked and spots or other irregularities from arising. The real purpose of a Cleanser is to make the skin clean, not to remove make-up.