Body Care

‘A body product full of antioxidants. That is quite special’

Body Care

  1. Hand Wash
    Hand Wash
    500 ml
    Caring hand soap with extra glycerin and betaine. Free of perfume, suitable for the most sensitive skin
  2. Body Cream
    Body Cream
    500 ml
    Body products with antioxidants and liquorice root. For all skin types
  3. New formula
    Repair Cream
    Repair Cream
    50 ml
    Extra rich cream for dry and sensitive skin. For face and body
  4. NEW
    Suncover SPF 50
    SPF 50
    Sun cream for the entire family. For face and body
  5. New formula
    Suncover SPF 30
    SPF 30
    Sun cream for the entire family. For face and body
Frequently asked questions
Is the Body Cream suitable for a sensitive skin?

The Body Cream only contains mild and gentle ingredients. That makes the product suitable for the most sensitive skin, even small children’s skin.


What is the difference between the Suncare and the Suncover?

The Suncare range contains a lot more active ingredients, such as Vitamin E and caffeine, than the products in the Suncover range. These substances can limit sun damage whilst also providing protection against UV rays. Suncover protects the skin against UVA and UVB, but does not contain high concentrations of antioxidants. This is not really possible for a body product, in view of the packaging and price.

You can find more information about Suncover here.


Is this Body Cream also suitable for skin with eczema?

This body cream has also been tested among people with eczema. They did not experience irritation. The Body Cream contains moisturising and soothing ingredients. This is why regular use can indeed be nice on dry or sensitive skin.


When do I use the Repair Cream?

The Repair Cream is a super product to put on dry or irritated skin. The rich, healing cream is suitable for the face and body. The product absorbs easily into the skin and gives a silky smooth feel.


How do I use the Repair Cream within the 5-step plan?

The Repair Cream is what we call Extra Care for the skin. You use this full, repairing cream on (parts of) the skin which can (temporarily) do with some extra care and protection. For instance, on dry patches. Or for the hands and lips. Do you use the Repair Cream on your face? Then apply it after the Moisturizer and, if necessary, the Suncare.


What is the difference between the new and the old Suncover?

In April 2020 we switched to a new version of Suncover. An important difference is that this new formula is also water resistant. In addition, the spreadability has been improved; the product absorbs faster and will feel less sticky. Also, the cream will leave less of a white layer. And very important: An extra sun filter has been added to the new Suncover.


Can I use Suncover for my face?

You can use Suncover for your body and your face. In addition, Dr. Jetske Ultee has developed a sunscreen product especially for the face, containing higher concentrations of active substances such as antioxidants (Suncare SPF 15 and Suncare SPF 30).


Products for your body

Good skin care doesn't stop at your face, of course. Especially for the hands and the rest of your body, Dr. Jetske Ultee developed these protective and caring products. How do you use them?


Hand Wash: perfume-free caring hand soap

This luxurious caring hand soap cleans effectively without drying out the hands. The product contains very high concentrations of glycerin and betaine. These ingredients ensure that your hands remain soft and hydrated during and after washing. And that's pretty special for hand soap. The Hand Wash is suitable for the most sensitive skin, also very dry skin with eczema. The product comes in generous, luxurious packaging. Convenient for the whole family or in the clinic.


Body Cream: rich cream to use every day

This thick, rich Body Cream goes a step further than just moisturizing and softening the skin. For example, by adding niacinamide, one of dr. Jetske's favourite ingredients, which you'll also find in her facial care. Niacinamide keeps the skin strong and resilient and also protects against the skin from drying. The Body Cream also contains a very concentrated and active licorice root extract. This ingredient soothes and protects. Very nice if you suffer from very dry and chapped skin. The Body Cream is free of perfume and therefore has a neutral scent. The cream feels lovely and thick, not greasy or sticky, but also not too light. By using only mild ingredients, the product is suitable for the most sensitive skin, including that of your child.


Repair Cream: Extra rich cream for dry and sensitive skin. For face and body

Are you prone to sensitive skin when it gets colder outside? Do your face or hands always feel very dry on the plane or after washing? Repair Cream helps. This favourite from Dr. Jetske contains a unique combination of substances that occur naturally in the lipid layer of the skin barrier, such as ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. Other ingredients in the cream are oat extract, panthenol, and squalane. They help protect and soften the skin.


Suncover: Sun cream for the entire family.

The non-profit line Suncover is a sun cream for the face and body. Dr. Jetske Ultee developed the product for her Sunwiser Society, which is committed to safe sun behaviour. The one litre pump bottle was developed for schools but is also ideal for the entire family on holiday. There is also a generous 250ml vial.  Suncover contains safe and effective sun filters against UVA and UVB rays, is free of perfume, and spreads easily. The antioxidant niacinamide (vitamin B3) has been added to the product for extra protection. There is a separate Suncare line for the face.