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Dr. Jetske Ultee

Cosmetics do not have an unlimited shelf life or activeness. This applies even more to products with active substances. By using high concentrations of antioxidants, our Moisturizer is sensitive on this point. How can you preserve this product and be able to enjoy it for as long as possible? 

Sensitive ingredients

Moisturizer, the word says it all. This product contains substances which retain moisture in the skin and, at the same time, slow down moisture loss. Therefore, the Moisturizer by Dr. Jetske Ultee has high concentrations of active and hydrating ingredients, such as Vitamin C, E and Niacinamide added. These antioxidants repair the barrier function of the skin, and with this the moisture balance. They can also reduce signs of skin ageing, as well as irritation, redness and acne. These fine ingredients are, however, extremely sensitive to light and air.

Airtight packaging

All the products by Dr. Jetske Ultee come with a pump dispenser. In this way, the ingredients not only stay effective for longer, but the products also stay clean.  For this reason, the Exfoliant, Moisturizer and suncare all come in ‘airless’ containers. In this way no oxygen comes into contact with the creams. All of the products have 12 months shelf life after opening. The Moisturizer, however, has a separate best before date, which you can find on the bottom of the bottle.

Keep the Moisturizer refrigerated

It is also important that unopened bottles of Moisturizer are kept in as stable an environment as possible. A cool environment is best for the active ingredients. For this reason, our Moisturizers are kept cool at our distribution centre. Do you have a stored product? Is it going to be a while before you start using it? Have you received a boxed gift, but first need to use up your old cream? Then put the Moisturizer in a cool place such as the refrigerator. In this way, the active substances will keep in optimum condition and won’t quietly lose their effectiveness.

Take on your travels

Can the Moisturizer come along on your travels? Yes, of course it can. It is even more important that you take good care of your skin on holidays in the sun. When the temperature rises above 21 degrees Celsius it is always better to store (un)opened bottles in a cool place. That also applies at home, in your own country.

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