Products and use


Do you have a question? Check this page to see if you can find the answer. If not, then you can always contact us. Whether it is about skin problems or an order. We can be reached from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 22:00 via Customer Service Contact.


Which products are the most suitable for my skin?

To find out which products are best suited to your skin, you can take the skin analysis via our website. You will then know what your skin type is, how you need to look after your skin and which products Dr. Jetske Ultee advise you to use. Not sure? Contact one of our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.


Can I use the products during pregnancy?


All of the products by Dr. Jetske Ultee can be used during pregnancy with the exception of the Vitamin A Serum. Although no medical warning applies to cosmetic anti-ageing creams with retinoids, we still advise you, for extra security, not to use this product during pregnancy and/or breast feeding. Women who were unaware that they were pregnant, and have used the Serum on their skin, do not need to be concerned.

Keep a close eye on your skin; it can become more sensitive during pregnancy. If you notice that you react to one of the products, go back a step: for example leave a day between using.


Are the products tested on animals, are the products ‘vegan’?


Dr. Jetske Ultee's products are free from all animal testing. Almost all products are also vegan: they are free from any ingredients extracted from dead or living animals. The one exception is the Repair Cream which contains cholesterol (partly) derived from lanolin.


Can I begin using all of the products at the same time?


The products by Dr. Jetske Ultee contain high concentrations of active substances such as antioxidants. It is, therefore, important that you use them in the right way. Because of its unique composition, your skin may need to become accustomed to the products. At first you may even experience slight tingling when applying onto the skin. Do not start using the Exfoliant and/or the Serum until you know that your skin reacts well to the other products. Gradually increase the use; start with two to three times a week. This will stop your skin from becoming temporarily unsettled.    

You can find more information about the manner and order of use of the different products in this blog, in the product description and in the instructions for use leaflet.  


How do I use the products?


You will find the instructions for use leaflet in the product details of each product. If you cannot find this then you can contact our skin experts via Customer Service Contact


After using the products my skin tingles. Is this bad?


Before using the products first test each of them on the inside of your forearm. If your skin reacts well you can try the products on your face. The presence of active ingredients such as antioxidants can cause your skin to tingle slightly. Gradually increase the use. You can, for instance, for the first few days apply the Moisturizer once a day instead of twice a day. If your skin does not react well then contact our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.
In this blog you will find more information about starting with our products.


Why is there no distinction between the products for the young and more mature skin?


It is important to look at the needs of the skin and not so much at the age. A young, dry skin, in principle, has the same care needed as the more mature, dry skin. There are of course ingredients which are not so suitable for younger skin, such as the medicine Vitamin A Acid. There are also exceptions to this; Vitamin A Acid can be prescribed if you suffer from acne. If you are having difficulty deciding which products are the most suitable for your skin you can take our detailed skin analysis or contact one of our skin experts via Customer Service Contact.


I am advised to use the Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid, but I don't have oily skin. Why is this?


You probably have sensitive skin. The Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid is generally tolerated by all skin types, also the sensitive skin. The Exfoliant 8% Glycolic Acid penetrates deeper into the skin which can increase the risk of irritation. This is why, despite the fact that you do not have oily skin, you have been advised to use the Exfoliant 1% Salicylic Acid. 


How long is the shelf life of the products?


The Cleanser, the Toner, the Exfoliant, the Vitamin A Serum and the Suncare last for twelve months after opening. The use by date of the Moisturizer can be found on the underside of the bottle. Because this product contains the most active ingredients in high concentrations, the shelf life is shorter compared to the other products.


How should I store the products?


The products can be stored at room temperature, except the Moisturizer, which needs to be stored in the refrigerator or another cool place. 
In this blog you will find more information why this is necessary to keep the product in perfect condition.