4 x Safe Cleaning

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
4 x Safe Cleaning
By cleansing too thoroughly, an unsettled or oily skin can become even more unsettled. This means oilier or, in fact, very dry. And instead of fewer spots on your face, you have even more. How should you, and how shouldn’t you, clean (unsettled) skin? 
  1. Do not: scrub

It would seem logical to bring oily or problem skin with spots under control with a scrub. After all, by scrubbing the skin you remove the excess sebum and the dead skin cells, preventing imperfections and spots. That is the idea anyway. But, in practise, all those gorgeous fragrant pots of salt- or sugar scrubs often do more harm than good. By incorrect use, granules which are too course or harsh ingredients, a scrub can irritate the skin instead of refreshing it. The scraping damages the skin barrier resulting in: more problems, more imperfections.
  1. An Exfoliant is best

Remove dead skin cells? Cleanse pores? An oily or unsettled skin? It is best to use an Exfoliant with a Salicylic or Glycolic Acid base. This product cleanses the skin ‘from the inside out’. The acids ensure that the dead skin cells loosen more easily, but without scraping or damaging the skin barrier. A good Exfoliant also ultimately improves the moisture balance and skin condition. For this purpose the concentration of acids used must be sufficient, with the correct pH value, such as in both the Exfoliants by Dr. Jetske Ultee. Oily and problem skin will benefit the most from Salicylic Acid.
  1. Facial brushes: not for everyone

Almost as popular as scrubs are the electric facial brushes which both cleanse and massage at the same time. The most popular is the Clarisonic, which makes 300 oscillations per second over the skin, loosening not only the uppermost dead skin cells, but also stimulating the circulation. Even though that sounds great, this type of cleansing is again not so suitable for every skin. Care is advised, in particular for sensitive or dry skin. Because like scrubs, electric facial brushes can easily damage and irritate the skin barrier. This will be less of a problem for oily skin with lots of impurities. But once again: too vigorous or incorrect cleansing will make the skin even more unsettled. So don’t overdo it and avoid too hard brushes. It is, in any case, very important after cleansing your skin that you also clean the brushes and replace them in time. Otherwise these will become sources of bacteria.
  1. Every skin requests mild products

This applies to all skin types, particularly more oily skin with spots: use very mild cleansing products. Avoid dehydrating and irritating substances such as denatured alcohol, perfume or soaps such as sodium lauryl sulphate; they just unsettle the skin more. That excellent foam, beautifully coloured tonic or that ultra-fresh lotion are best left alone. The Cleansers by Dr. Jetske Ultee cleanse the skin without disturbing the skin barrier. The Cleanser for normal to dry skin is creamy and contains shea butter, which also leaves the skin feeling hydrated after cleansing. The product for normal to oily skin has a gel like structure and is likewise extremely mild. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: How Do You Start Using Our Products

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