What Does a Toner Do?

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
What Does a Toner Do?
The Toner is not as well established in caring for skin as the Cleanser. Even so, all skin can benefit from this fine product. A good Toner gives moisture to the skin and soothes her. It removes the last traces of the Cleanser and ensures that the active substances in the Moisturizer absorb more easily. 

What is a good Toner?

To begin with, a good Toner does much more than just giving a fresh feel. That fresh feel is usually just caused by ingredients such as mint, eucalyptus or alcohol. And those substances are not actually very good for the skin. Using a badly formulated Toner can lead to irritation, a dry or oily skin and even to spots. This product does not require an exciting colour or smell; such additions usually do very little for your skin.

What does the Toner by Dr. Jetske Ultee do?

A good, up-to-date Toner is mild and doesn’t have the purpose of de-greasing, disinfecting or ‘freshening up’ the skin, but ensures in the first place that any last traces of soap are thoroughly removed. A Toner with the right ingredients can also soothe, protect and hydrate. The Toner by Dr. Jetske Ultee does that. At the same time this product ensures that certain substances such as antioxidants and humectants can be absorbed more readily. Hence this multitasker forms an important part of the daily care of your skin.

How to use the Toner

After cleansing pat your face dry. Then wipe a Toner soaked cotton wool pad over the skin. Using a Moisturizer after the Toner ensures that both moisture and the active ingredients from the Toner are properly sealed in the skin. The Toner ensures that the cream which follows is more effective. Very helpful, especially for dry skin. Sensitive, dry or oily skin Do you have dry or sensitive skin? Then you could clean the skin in the morning with a Toner instead of with a Cleanser. Do you suffer from very oily skin? Use the Toner as an alternative for the Moisturizer. You can also just apply this product to the forehead, the nose and the chin, and then for the cheeks a Toner supplemented with a Moisturizer. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee

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