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The work that Dr. Jetske Ultee has undertaken in the last few years has not gone un-noticed. She has, as a skin expert, been frequently asked her views by the media about good skincare, about the sense and nonsense within the cosmetics world and for advice with skin problems. Much attention has also been given to her campaign "Smeer je in", about the importance of proper sun protection. An overview of the most recent publications and broadcasts where Dr. Jetske Ultee lends her assistance. From personal interviews in glossy magazines and blogs for the modelling world to the most diverse productions about skin in national newspapers, magazines and various websites.

Below you will find a selection of publications in Germany and the Netherlands. For a complete overview, please visit the media-page on our Dutch website.

  • Hey There Luka May 2017

  • Zauberisch März 2017

  • Bare Minds März 2017

  • Hautfein Februar 2017

  • Skincare Inspirations Januar 2017

  • Dezember 2016

  • Hautfein November 2016

  • Linda. Man April 2016

  • Skincare Inspirations September 2016

  • Telegraaf (Niederlande) April 2016

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