• The Recipe for Beautiful Skin; Part II

The Recipe for Beautiful Skin; Part II

After reading “The Recipe for Beautiful Skin“, you now know at least which skincare products you should have in your bathroom cabinet. But just as in the kitchen, it is not only the ingredients that are required. You also need a complete recipe and a basic knowledge.

The recipe for beautiful skin: know you skin type!

The most important thing that you need to do before buying skincare products is deciding what type of skin you have. Because even the very best creams can cause problems if used incorrectly. But this is easier said than done…. According to Leslie Baumann, 80% of people don’t know what type of skin he/she has. After sampling some different beauty counters I realised, after asking what type of skin I had, that this proved difficult even for the “experts”.

Three days of doing nothing…

Before you can decide on your skin type, you actually need to go into “cold turkey”. There is a big chance that the cosmetic products that you use have a significant influence on the condition of your skin. Around 3 to 4 days is needed for your skin to repair itself. Don’t use any products during these days and wash your face with just water. If your skin is really dry then apply a small amount of Vaseline or lanette cream at night.

After that you can really assess whether your skin is dry, oily or combination. It is less relevant if your skin is dehydrated. A dry skin is by definition dehydrated, an oily skin is only actually dehydrated due to the barrier function being upset by cosmetic products or medication taken for acne.

Dry, oily, shiny, dull or flaking?

After three days of not checking in the mirror, you can again indulge yourself. Check your face several times per day to see if you have flaking, your skin is dull, shiny, feels dry or just greasy. Can you see spots, blackheads, pigment spots, wrinkles, red vessels, red patches? Make a note of where they are and what they look like. Its seems a bit over the top, but believe me it is for a good cause. You’ll need all this information later in order to get the very best results! How you can do this precisely, can largely be found on the blog, but I will shortly summarize this in a new blog. If you don’t want to wait for this then you can go to http://www.dr-jetskeultee.com/skin-analysis. There you can receive a personal treatment plan with information supplied that you, yourself, have found out about your skin.

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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