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Cookies are small text files that a website puts on your computer, telephone or tablet during your visit. When opening the specific internet page these files are read by your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox).

Cookies help to distinguish users from each other. Thanks to these files it is e.g. not needed to re-enter information like login name or address when you visit a website or shop again. Cookies help an organisation to improve the site and also to display more personal ads to the digital customers.

Our cookies

At we use various types of cookies and comparable techniques (scripts and webbeacons). Which are those and what do they do.

Functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for the proper use of the website.

Analytical cookies. These small files help us to learn what else we can improve on the website. Which blogs are well read and which pages could be improved? We use Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer and Hotjar for such purposes.

Functional cookies

Cookie Name cookie Function Sharing and storing
Website visit frontend and frontend_cid To temporarily store session information This cookie is deleted after one session.

We do not share these data.


Analytical cookies

Cookie Name cookie Function Sharing and storing
Google Analytics _ga, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt en _utmz For investigation of the website visits


These cookies are stored, various periods apply, from 30 minutes to a max of 2 years. Some of these cookies are not deleted automatically.

Google does not share these data.

Visual Website Optimizer _vis_opt_exp, vwo_app_versio_3 en vwo_uuld_v2 For testing new options on the site. These cookies are automatically deleted after 100 days.

VWO does not share personal data with third parties.

To unsubscribe from Visual Website Optimizer cookies, go to this site.

Hotjar _hjIncludedInSample



For analysing visits to the website.


These cookies are automatically deleted after 1 year.

Hotjar does not share data.



Marketing cookies

We do not use any marketing cookies on the blog of Dr. Jetske Ultee.

How to disable or delete cookies

It is possible to disable cookies. Please be aware this may affect the website’s proper working. How to disable or delete cookies varies per browser and is explained here under:

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Safari (iOS)
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Privacy and Terms & Conditions

Would you like to read more about the utilisation of personal data and privacy protection and curious about what information we keep from you? Please do take a look at the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy statement.