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RTL Consult on Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Erik Laban and I have just spent the day in the media park in Hilversum for the recording of RTL Consult. Erik is not only one of the best Plastic Surgeons that I know but also a great colleague! As the first episode of RTL Consult will be broadcast this afternoon, I have asked Erik (as an experienced blogger…) to write a piece for my blog. Eh, in case you miss me this afternoon; I will be appearing in episode 2!

Dr. Erik Laban on our visit to RTL Consult:

Two weeks ago Jetske and I sat on the panel of RTL Consult. It’s not our daily work, of course, but was very enjoyable. As you may already know, this panel assessed the best treatment advice for candidates who applied for the RTL-TV-Consult.

It seems big when you see the panels desk on TV (basically the same set up as RTL Boulevard). But in real life there’s even much more to it with all the studio lights and behind the scenes crew. Of course we had a limited part to play. Evelien Struik, who presented the programme, was mainly in the spotlight. And she does that very well. Nevertheless, still a little nervous. Although it isn’t live and you can afford to make some mistakes, simply because that can happen, you still want to do your best. There are three cameras focused on you! And there are still Directors and all other people watching every movement.

Very noticeable was that Jetske was completely in her comfort zone and very relaxed when answering questions. And she even had time for some humour. A few times we had to really laugh. To be fair; mainly at ourselves. She could have a shining TV career if it weren’t for the good business she has with her Dr. Jetske Ultee product line. The show goes out on Monday 19th March, you’ll see what I mean then”.

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee- Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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