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Help with Choosing Your Cleanser

A facial wash. Or a Cleanser. I have previously written a blog about the usefulness of this product; by keeping your skin clean you reduce the risk of impurities, infection and a dull skin and the other skincare products can do their work even more effectively. Here is some help in choosing your Cleanser.

Skin should not dry out!

Just as with all the skincare products it is important that this product is mild. Check that there are no irritating substances – such as perfume – in the product. A Cleanser must not dry skin out. It is meant for getting rid of dirt and make-up from your skin, but not washing away all of your skin’s oil. If your skin feels dry or tight after cleansing then the product is too heavy for you.

Do you have dry skin? Then you can just use a Cleanser in the evening, and wash your face with warm water in the mornings.

Water soluble

I always advise water soluble cleansers; you wash these off with water afterwards. Cleansers which are applied with cotton wool remain on the skin and can cause problems.

Choosing your Cleanser – products

Below are some products that I can recommend. It should assist you in choosing your Cleanser. If your skin becomes tight, then choose another product! And if you know of a good product, I would like to hear from you!


These Cleansers are most suited for normal to dry and/or sensitive skin:

Do you also have acne and/or Rosacea?

Then use a homemade Cleanser made up of Tea Tree Oil (for example by Chi) & Jojoba Oil first -> afterwards rinse off and cleanse with a mild cleanser.


These Cleansers are most suited for normal to oily skin, but can also easily be used if you have dry skin which is not so sensitive.  

  • Cleanser (normal to oily skin) by Dr. Jetske Ultee
  • Face Cleanser by Decubal
  • Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser by Paula’s Choice
  • Fash Wash Lotion by Neutral
  • Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild by Clinique

 (Last updated April 2017)

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee – Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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