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All-In-One Products?

With our busy lifestyles an all-in-one product seems like a good option. Why shouldn’t you buy a Moisturizer which contains a UV filter? Or a Cleanser and Toner in one? I, myself, am in favour of using different products. In this way it is easier to change a product if necessary.

The needs of a more dry skin or more oily skin

If my skin feels dry or irritated, I stop using the exfoliant for a day or so. A Cleanser and Toner in one is not ideal either. I’ll sometimes leave out the Cleanser if my skin feels dry. But I do like to use a Toner; in that way I am still cleaning my face somewhat, but more importantly I am applying the active ingredients onto my skin. There isn’t much point in having active ingredients in a Cleanser either as you rinse it off anyway.

A cream may be too much for an oily skin. It can then greatly benefit from using a Toner with active ingredients. It is often no problem either if you wash oily skin twice a day with a (mild!) Cleanser.

A separate sun screen

If you spend a lot of time outdoors it is a good idea to re-apply sun screen now and then. But it doesn’t mean that your skin needs it every time. You can sometimes skip the more oily areas. On the dry areas you can apply it even more often if you notice that it is dry. And at night I do like to use a Moisturizer on my face, but without a UV filter…
The advantage of using individual products is that you can see more quickly if one of these is irritating your skin. You can then reduce its use, stop using it all together or replace it. Look closely at your skin and its condition in order to decide what is best for it.

Not in favour of an all-in-one, but instead the five basics

The basis from where to start are the five products set out in the ‘personal step by step plan’. These are:
1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Exfoliant
4. Moisturizer (click here for product advice)
5. Sun screen (click here for product advice)

The use of these can then be adapted to your skin.

Regards Jetske

Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology
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