• Happy Food - part 4

Happy food part 4: Fibre and fermented food

Part 4… we are still on Happy food. And today I want to draw your attention to fibre and fermented products. Two vital ‘ingredients’ for a happy gut.

Gut flora and depression

Fibre and fermented products can help increase the diversity of gut flora. And it is becoming more and more apparent through studies how advantageous it is for our overall health. That also applies to our mood…. There are studies that have even shown a link between the diversity of our gut flora and depression. Unfortunately, our hygienic way of eating and living, together with the use of medicine such as antibiotics, reduces the diversity of our gut flora. The good news is that we can try to maintain a good balance with food.

So what can we eat?

In order to achieve a greater variety of gut flora we need to take in enough fibre. For this you can eat lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and pulses. Fermented foods are things like sauerkraut or kimchi, but also drinks such as kombucha, water or milk kefir. Try to include this type of product on your menu more often.
In the meanwhile can let me know about your experiences with fermented food and how it affects your skin and mood? Also, do you eat enough fibre? I am really interested.

More happy food? 

More happy food? Read my blog about food that makes us happy. There is a big chance that your skin will also be happy. The following post is going to be about the ‘administration’ of more bacteria in the form of probiotics. Because that is also a way of getting ‘more gut flora’….

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