‘When people support each other, incredible things happen’

This time a slightly different blog than normal. In this bizarre time where fear rules and where some lose those who are dear to them, I feel the need to share my personal thoughts with you. Because I am also concerned about the health of loved ones. And I worry whether the World will ever go back to being the same as it was before. So I asked my children recently if they thought people would ever be able to hug each other again. They thought they would; I hope so…

Rays of hope

I see rays of hope too. The more than necessary break for the environment; taking time to
reflect properly and check if we are still, in fact, taking the right path. And now it really is about being there for each other. I am extremely grateful for my family and friends. And also for my amazing team of people, each of whom has a heart of gold and who I couldn’t do without in my company. People who will go the extra mile for me, for each other, but above all for you; in helping as much as possible with all your skin queries or sometimes simply offering a sympathetic ear.


Sincerity, honesty and togetherness form the DNA of my company. They always have. But perhaps this situation offers the opportunity to extend it even further. I think for example about togetherness with nature, togetherness with experts all over the World to collect knowledge (not just doctors and scientists, but also old tribal customs) and the most important of all, connecting with you. How? By listen more to what you would like to know, what we are still missing and how we can become stronger and wiser together.

‘When people support each other, incredible things happen’

Let me know your ideas and thoughts, I would love to hear them!



Jetske ♥

Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology


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