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Two new projects with the Erasmus University

Time for science! I undertake research projects each year together with medical students from the Erasmus University. Soon I will be carrying out two more very interesting studies. What are we going to be doing in the next few weeks?

Project 1: gut problems in relation to acne and rosacea

🔎 In the first project we are going to be looking at gut problems in people suffering from acne and rosacea. Do people with these skin disorders have more frequent problems with their gut? In order to clarify this we want to send out an extensive questionnaire to a large group of people who have, and don’t have, skin problems. Examples of questions we will be asking are about complaints such as constipation, cramps and indigestion. In this project I also want cover the use of oral probiotics, and about what this does to skin. The more light we can shed on this the better we can help everyone.

Project 2: facts and fables about sun cream

🔎 The other project centres on the facts and fables about sun cream. Also a super fun subject
and very useful! We receive questions so often about the possible risks from sun cream products. This is very relevant as there is lots written and claimed online. People ask themselves whether the use of sun cream can lead to a vitamin D deficiency or spots for example. And what is the situation with the nanoparticles; are they harmful? What I really want to know is how you perceive the risks that sun cream products may cause. My blogs keep you informed. But what about the rest of the country? Lastly we also want to ask scientists the same questions. What are their views on all of this?

To sum it up: there are fun things coming again. I hope to be able to share the results with you in April. I’ll keep you up to date!  😊

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