The Search for the Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Yesterday, in her new programme “Van den Elsen wacht op antwoord”, my namesake Jetske van den Elsen went in search of the truth behind the anti-wrinkle cream. She also paid me a visit to ask a few questions.

On TV!
Those who just can’t flick through to the end of their gripping books need to stop reading for a moment and take a look at the short film below 🙂


I won’t keep the rest of you in suspense; you won’t get rid of your wrinkles with normal cosmetic products! In order to treat wrinkles the heavier guns are required; for example, lasers, operations or injections. Vitamin A Acid, a cream which is only available on prescription from the Doctor, can improve fine lines but requires a lot of patience. Having said all that there’s no reason to feel disheartened; as I wrote in my previous blog, normal cosmetics can be very beneficial for the skin. There are enough ingredients that can make your skin strong, healthy, smooth and radiant looking. And maybe most important of all; with cosmetics you can take preventative measures against ageing. Just search for info about substances such as Vitamin C and Niacinamide, then you’ll understand what I mean….

Vitamin A Acid and what you should know!

Because my mailbox is full of questions about Vitamin A Acid, since the programme yesterday, here are a couple of things that you really should know as a user!

  • A prescription from the Doctor is required for Vitamin A Acid. This is not for nothing. Vitamin A Acid is a registered medicine and can cause problems if used incorrectly. So you need to very gradually increase its use!
  • You cannot use Vitamin A Acid during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin A Acid (or Tretinoin; the product name) is not the same as Retinol or Retinyl Palmitate. Don’t be fooled….
  • Only use Vitamin A Acid in the evenings. It can react badly with light.
  • Always use Vitamin A Acid in combination with a cream containing anti-oxidants and soothing ingredients. Such a product can be applied first before the Vitamin A Acid if you have sensitive skin. If your skin is less sensitive then you can apply it over the Vitamin A Acid. This is very important. Because chronic irritation of the skin will have an adverse effect!
  • Never pay any more than 15 to 20 euros for a tube. Some chemists think they have seen the light and ask the highest price…
  • Don’t be misled into paying a large amount for a written prescription; some “doctor-sites” ask ridiculous prices. If you don’t have success with your own Doctor ( G.P.) just let me know.
  • Vitamin A Acid works, but is not a miracle cure. It will take at least 5 months before you see any difference. It doesn’t work for everyone. We don’t really know why this is.

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

If you want to see the programme again then click on the picture below.


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