People with acne are more likely to suffer more from an irritable bowel

It still intrigues me. Gut health. And the role our gut plays in the way we feel. Did you know that the gut is also referred to as your second brain? But it can just as easily be labelled your second skin. Because this relationship, between the gut and skin, is being increasingly observed in science.

More IBS with acne

Last year a scientific study was published in which 300 people with acne, together with 300 people with no skin problems, were tested for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This is an intestinal disorder with chronic stomach pain and problems with bowel movement. The researchers observed a significant difference between the two groups. At least 183 (61%) acne patients were shown to have IBS. In the control group there were 84 (28%).

What’s going on in that gut? I hope this puzzle can be solved soon. In the meantime, I’m also actively looking into this.

My own research into bowel complaints with acne and rosacea

In recent weeks, together with medical students from the Erasmus University, I have questioned the possibility of gastrointestinal problems in people with acne, rosacea, other skin problems and no skin problems. The questionnaire, with a group of as many as 2241 respondents, has now closed. Truly grateful for all the reactions and participants. I am really curious about what we can find out from such a large group.

I will share the results with you soon!


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