• My new product is here!

My new product is here! A luxurious, gentle Hand Wash

It’s bizarre really. We put so much effort into good facial care because we want to look younger and more radiant, but aren’t we forgetting something important? Precisely, the hands! We could show them a bit more love. Hands deteriorate first and often give away our true age. So take good care of them! And begin with cleansing. I have extended my skincare line to include a luxurious, gentle Hand Wash for this purpose.

A gentle soap that won’t dehydrate your hands

How many times a day should we wash our hands, ten times? Even more? So, it is even more importance that you use a product which is mild for your skin. This means a soap that doesn’t dry out your skin but instead cares for and protects your hands. I think you may well have realised that it’s not the easiest thing to find.

A perfume free product containing just mild, active ingredients

That’s why I wanted to create an appealing product myself. And by now you will know what I mean. A product free from irritating substances, such as alcohol or perfume, with only mild and active ingredients. And we’ve done it!

 Containing higher concentrations of glycerine and betaine

From today onwards you will be able to try out my new luxurious, gentle Hand Wash. It is a super soft, perfume free soap that cleans your hands effectively, without leaving them feeling dry and tight. I have intentionally added very high concentrations of glycerine and betaine. These ingredients ensure that your hands stay soft and hydrated during and after washing. And that is quite special for a hand soap.

And another thing that makes it special: the product is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Also very dry skin with eczema.

We have tested it as well. We have compared my Hand Wash (5% glycerine + 2% betaine) with a hand soap that is commonly seen on supermarket shelves with less glycerine (2%) and no betaine. We noted in the laboratory that the skin barrier and the skin hydration remained more intact after using the Hand Wash than the other soap. And that is very good news, considering how frequently we wash our hands.

The Hand Wash comes in a lovely, large container

I am also really pleased with the packaging. I have chosen a substantial 500 ml bottle with a pump. Because when I see how much hand soap we get through in our house with four children, the bottle needed to be big enough for me. But, of course, one that looks attractive in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet or even in the clinic. By the way, I am also working on handy refillable containers. I’ll let you know more about that soon.

The detergents in my Hand Wash

A little bit about the detergents I have chosen for my hand soap, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Coco-glucoside. These are necessary for getting your hands really clean. There are milder detergents available but they may not remove all the dirt. SLES is a potent ingredient, but the addition of 5% glycerine and 2% betaine makes the Hand Wash very mild for your skin.

SLES should not be confused with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). They differ by only a couple of letters but the latter substance can irritate your skin considerably.

My tips for lovely, soft hands

Good hand care begins, therefore, with a good cleanser. What more can you do to keep your hands lovely and soft? These are my tips:

  1. Use only a mild (perfume free) soap
    Choose a mild hand soap that cleans your hands effectively, but doesn’t dehydrate them. Preferably a soap that cares for and pampers a little bit, such as my Hand Wash.
  2. Look after them with a good hand cream
    No matter how mild your hand soap is, make a habit of applying a hand cream after washing them. This will keep them well hydrated. Don’t forget to treat your cuticles as well. You can use my Repair Cream for those. Carry a tube with you!
  3. Use an SPF!

The thin skin on your hands is very sensitive to the sun and ages very quickly because of this. Therefore, protect your hands daily with a sun cream. This can keep pigmentation spots, volume loss and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.

  1. Exfoliate regularly
    Exfoliate your hands regularly. This will tackle the pigmentation spots on your skin. An exfoliant with either salicylic acid or glycolic acid is suitable for this.
  2. Extra vitamin A
    An anti-ageing cream or serum with vitamin A also helps to reduce the brown patches. This vitamin also ensures that the skin remains firm.
  3. Spoil them with a hand mask
    Treat your hands to a mask every now and then. Apply a generous amount of cream onto your hands and cover with cotton or plastic gloves. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes or leave them on during the night.


My best advice? Just give your hands as much attention and love as your face. Would you let me know what you think about my new hand soap? Because it is always exciting when a new product is launched.

Enjoy my new Hand Wash!