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My New Non-Profit Sun Protection Cream and the Sun Campaign ‘Smear It All Over!’

Those who regularly read my blog know that my great passion is, not only skincare products but, in fact everything to do with keeping our skin healthy. And high up on the list is, of course, sun protection. Even though we haven’t seen much of the sun for a while and are desperate for some, it is good to first stop and think about sun protection. Because the sun can cause a lot of damage even in cloudy weather. We think that in the Netherlands it isn’t so dangerous, but hardly anywhere else (in Europe) has as much skin cancer as here. Furthermore, the numbers are increasing dramatically and we are seeing it in more and more younger people. Even though an estimated 90% of the skin cancer cases are preventable! Therefore: ‘Smear it All Over!!’

My view is that everyone is entitled to good sun protection, so, with my Sunwiser Association, I have developed a non-profit sun protection cream for the body which, as of today, is available to purchase! I am so pleased with the product, which contains mild ingredients and safe filters. Thanks to the support of lots of people who believe in the necessity of a good non-profit sun protection cream, I am able to keep the price low. A standard size is available (250ml. €12,95) and I’ve also produced an extra large size (1000ml. €32,95) for schools and sports associations. The product is suitable for children and adults. With the proceeds, we can teach children how they can enjoy the sun in a normal way and safely play and be active outdoors. The Suncover sun protection cream enables you not only to care for your own skin, but also for that of many others!

The campaign ‘Smear It All Over!’

I believe that we can teach our children that they need to protect themselves against the sun, so I have set up the campaign “Smear It All Over!”. In my view, smearing should be as normal as cleaning your teeth… It’s wonderful that a number of well known Dutch people, such as Daphne Dekkers, Lieke van Lexmond, Johnny Heitinga, Barry Atsma, Anna Drijver, Fajah Lourens, Dorian van Rijsselberghe, Liza Sips, Eric Bouwman, Froukje de Both and Sylvana Simons think so too and have joined the campaign! We have been busy for the last few months developing learning material to enable us to teach our children how to best deal with the sun. You will shortly be able to find the songs, games, films (with and without the Dutch celebrities) and the digital illustration books on my website www.smeerjein.nl (The Dutch translation of Smear It All Over). There is already a short film about the campaign for you to see. You can also click on the photograph below…

If you would like to know more about the products or about the Smear It All Over campaign then just send a message to [email protected]

I wish you all a great weekend,

Regards Jetske,

(Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)