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My Cup of Tea

It’s no surprise that I am rather particular about the products which I put on my face and body. But seeing as beautiful skin not only comes from the outside but also the inside, I make sure that I pay the necessary attention to my diet as well. And, this I do by enjoying a fresh cup of green tea every day. When I think about all those anti-oxidants protecting my skin from sun damage, it makes the taste even better! I personally drink my green tea without sugar but, for sweet lovers, I have some interesting findings for you…
A recent study has revealed that the addition of milk, sugar or honey to tea completely wipes out the effects of the ‘oh so good’ anti-oxidants. Quite a blow to your enjoyment of a healthy tea!
In the same study they looked at the effects that the new sweetener ‘stevia’ has on the anti-oxidant levels in green tea, and guess what! ‘Stevia’ does not affect anti-oxidants levels in tea!
If you have missed the hype surrounding stevia.. It is a plant which originates from South America and has been used there in herbal blends and in their food for centuries. Stevia is primarily known in the western world as a sweetener because of its extremely sweet taste.
So, swap your milk, sugar or honey for stevia and enjoy your delicious cup of anti-oxidants! Be sure that you buy the real stevia, because there are some manufacturers who will short-change us…
Regards Jetske
(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)