• 'Kids Need to Get Dirty'

‘Kids Need to Get Dirty’

I am allowed to say this four times: kids need to get dirty! It’s maybe a bit overwhelming to hear, though, if you have your new born baby in your arms.

The baby smell…

And if I talk to friends (correction girlfriends) about this, 9 out of 10 of them immediately start talking about the smell of a newly washed and powdered little baby. It’s funny how you always associate babies with bath time. New mums can’t escape this either. Even before you’ve given birth you’ve received your gift box of assorted baby bath products. And you’ve hardly had any time to get to know your new “mini you” when your mid-wife takes him or her away for a baby bath. As a matter of fact the bath times in our house were not so well received…The image of a bright red faced screaming (what a noise!) little angel is still clear in my mind!

Skin problems in young children

I’ve written more often in my blog that many baby products aren’t good for your child’s skin. I, myself, am convinced that that the strongly perfumed and irritating baby products are one of the most common causes for the enormous increase in the number of skin problems in young children. And whilst having a bath is indeed very relaxing for many kids, the drying effect also has an impact on the skin. So best not to do every day!

“Kids need to get dirty”

And for mothers (and of course fathers) who feel guilty if the kids miss a bath day, I’ve got good news. Children who often play outside and get dirty, develop a better immune system and have less allergies than children who stay more clean and often play indoors. This was the conclusion of a team of American scientists. Their conclusion: Children should be allowed to get dirty. If skin is kept too clean, its ability to heal may be hampered. There is natural bacteria living on the skin that stimulates a process which helps prevent inflammation if we injure ourselves, according to the American scientists (Surface Bacteria Maintains Skin’s Healthy Balance).

So, after dinner they can play outside and then straight to bed! That will give you a break…..

Regards Jetske

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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