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Help with Choosing an Eye Make-Up Remover

Although, during the course of the day, most of my eye make-up ends up below instead of above my eyes, it is still not easy to remove it completely at night. I do this religiously though as good cleaning is important! Make-up residue can irritate your eyes and cause skin problems. I have tried a lot of different eye make-up removers, with very differing results. Now I know what to look out for when cleansing my face at night. Time then for some tips…

A facial cleanser and an eye make-up remover?

I am regularly asked if you can replace your eye make-up remover with a normal wash off facial cleanser. This depends on your cleanser and your make-up. Generally speaking you cannot remove waterproof mascara properly with a mild water- soluble cleanser. The more cleaning chemicals there are in your cleanser, though, the more harsh it is on your skin. It is often a better option to use a separate eye make-up remover for this. Eye make-up removers are not usually rinsed off with water but are used in combination with a cotton wool pad. This type of product contains solvents. These can be oil based substances such as mineral oil or petrolatum. It is something to do with so-called non-polar cleansers and these are especially good at removing oil based make-up, but do leave an oily film behind. On such products it is stated that they are able to remove waterproof make-up. Eye make-up removers with solvents such as alcohol (polar cleansers) are again better able to remove water soluble make-up, but can dry the skin out. You can usually remove water soluble make-up with just a normal facial cleanser and you don’t need a special product for this. If you use both water soluble make-up and non water soluble make-up then you can choose a two-phase cleanser. This is a water soluble cleanser combined with an oil soluble cleanser. You need to make sure that a two-phase cleanser is well shaken before using.

To summarize; whether an eye make-up remover can remove your make up thoroughly depends on the make-up that you use. Whichever special product you use for removing make-up, I would recommend that you wash your face with a mild water soluble cleanser afterwards. In this way there will be no cleaning products and traces of make-up left on your face which could cause problems.

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee -Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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