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Does Your Skin Need to Get Used to a Product?

There are many people who regularly experience problems when using cosmetic products. It has become clear from international studies that 50% of women have sensitive skin. Irritation can be in the form of itching, redness, bumps and a burning or prickly sensation. A common myth is that it happens because your skin needs to get used to a product.

A fable

Luckily this is almost never the case! It can be that you need to get used to the smell or the consistency of a product. But the fact that your skin needs to get used to it is a fable. It is certainly not intended that your skin initially gets worse.


As always there are exceptions to the rule. In relation to skin irritation, it is advised that the use of cosmetic products containing ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and Vitamin A Acid (in high concentrations) are gradually built up. In general these are products that are only available on prescription from your Doctor or Dermatologist. Before assuming that your skin ‘needs to get used to’ a cream, I advise you to first have a good look at the ingredients list. If in doubt it is a good idea to first of all test the product on the inside of your arm. If it continues to feel uncomfortable then cut your losses and throw the product in the bin!

Regards Jetske.

(Dr Jetske Ultee- Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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