• Do You Suffer from Rosacea

Do You Suffer from Rosacea?

Almost 20% of white women above the age of 30 are affected by Rosacea. Yet most people know very little about it. Does the following sound familiar? Then you probably suffer from Rosacea.

  • Frequently occurring redness on your face (particularly during exertion, drinking alcohol, change in temperature or eating spicy food)
  • Small visible blood vessels (broken capillaries) on the face
  • Sometimes small bumps that look like spots, but cannot be squeezed out
  • Sensitivity to cosmetic products
  • Frequent burning or stinging/prickling feeling on the facial skin
  • Sensitive or easily irritated eyes

Do you frequently suffer from one or more of the above symptoms then it is advisable to consult a Dermatologist. He or she can then let you know if you do have Rosacea. If you don’t take any action then over time the Rosacea will worsen. With good treatment you can keep the symptoms of Rosacea under control. Furthermore it will prevent broken capillaries.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about how to treat Rosacea.

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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