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Bubbling Cauldrons and Smoke Clouds above the ‘Uncover Factory’

Last week my children and I went to the new Smurf film. Some quality time with the family without thinking about work, so I thought. Until I saw that the main character was played by a Cruella type; this time without dalmations but with her own cosmetics line and factory. “Hey mum, that’s like you” was the not too subtle comment from my kids. I had to agree with them! After this remark and the 3D screen filled with explosions, clouds of green smoke and bubbling cauldrons the relaxation was long gone. I could only think about the new batch of products which were going to be produced the following week. This even carried on throughout the night….

Blood, sweat and tears…

uncover moisturizers blogAs I am a firm believer that nothing gets done by itself! High concentrations of active ingredients, anti-oxidants, airtight containers; it sounds easy but I have made it difficult for myself…. Due to the high concentrations of anti-oxidants the Dr. Jetske Ultee Moisturizers have a limited shelf life; despite the airtight containers (even the spout is airtight) the effectiveness of the product is reduced after a year and so we will no longer sell it. Therefore we need to limit the stock, but that is pretty awkward when the minimum amount of bottles that we can order is very large! And if you add on the fact that it takes three months for the bottles to be made, then you’ll know that planning is fairly complicated. Oh and then I have to confess about the first batch produced where the cream spilled on to the outside of the bottle and after a short time began oxidizing. The resulting lovely white bottles with brown flecks on them that all had to go back to the factory to be cleaned. There was even more work as all the seal stickers had to be removed (and put on) again. Still all this is what makes Dr. Jetske Ultee Skincare live up to its name!

The new batch

But it has now been fixed! Thanks to some great colleagues and all the people that in the last few months trusted in buying the products, another batch was able to be produced a couple of days ago…. And so much hard work has been done in the ‘Uncover factory’ making sure that the bottles have been filled correctly. With their noses firmly pressed against the bottles armed with magnifying glasses! But so proud! Below are a couple of photos.

The women in the photo are busy with filling, and in the following photo you see the bottles on the conveyor belt on their way to us 🙂 Afterwards they go onto a big turning wheel where the lids and seal stickers are put on. In the box and ready for sending to the distribution centre where the products will be kept cool until they are sold! It all seems so simple, and luckily it seems my restless night was not for nothing….

I’m now going to have a restful sleep and enjoy my weekend!

Regards Jetske.

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

Do you want to know more about Dr. Jetske Ultee Skincare, then look on http://www.dr-jetskeultee.com and for personal skin advice the online skin analysis.

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