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Beauty Astir Awards

I could not resist mentioning this news on my blog, because I’m still dumbstruck! Those who receive my news brief may have read it already… Because the time had arrived on Tuesday evening: the Beauty Astir Awards ceremony, the beauty Oscars of our land! We already knew last week that the moisturiser from Uncover had been nominated in the category ‘Best Niche’ alongside 13 other products. What a surprise when, yesterday, our Dr. Jetske Ultee product received the First Prize!

It has happened, we have won an Astir Award! I have used everything I know about skincare for the development of the Dr. Jetske Ultee products. How wonderful it is that the beauty journalists in our country have noticed this too. In my opinion this is proof that you can bring a skincare product onto the market without using expensive advertising, aggressive media campaigns and misleading claims. But no matter how happy I am with this Award, it is not about the prize of course, but ultimately about your belief in our products. Thank you very much for this!

A snippet of the judges report from the Netherlands Association of Cosmetic Journalists
“ I have invariably been referring all my friends with a problem skin for the last years to the informative and honest blog from Jetske Ultee. And since last year I can also, at last, recommend her no-nonsense effective skincare line to them. It shows courage, passion and conviction to, as a Doctor, release her own skincare brand on the market, without joining in with hypes or trends. This Moisturizer feels very comfortable and only contains active substances that a dry skin needs (and is also tolerated by a sensitive skin). A product without frills, with an honest background, clearly scientifically based and with just as reliable a radiance as Jetske herself. In fact, all her searching for effective ingredients is, in itself, already worth a Beauty Astir!”

Regards Jetske

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)