And Summer Came…

Last week we had a few days off and I was looking forward to having a summer holiday in our own country filled with picnics, sailing and cycling trips and finishing off with a tasty BBQ on the beach. It turned out somewhat differently! The cycle trip did go ahead, but with jackboots and sou’westers on and under loud protest from the children…

Yet, statistically, that good summer weather should come eventually. Meanwhile, because I am gettinghat on radar spring 2012 rather desperate, I am going to do what the writer of “The Secret” advised me. Today I am just going to put on my sun cream and sunglasses and place an article on my blog in which I talk about sun protection (radar+magazine from this month)….. And then just wait for the lovely summer weather!
The points that I mention in the article are summarised here:

1 in every 3 cancers is skin cancer, the most common form being Basal cell carcinoma, which is in most cases not malignant but still a serious illness. It is caused by cummulative damage through unprotected exposure to the sun.
I have been busy developing an informative programme and reading material for schools so that children are made aware of sun damage and what to do to avoid it. They should be provided with shade in playgrounds and wear hats on sunny days and avoid full sun.

Sunbeds should be banned and according to the IARC sunbeds are as damaging to health as smoking and asbestos. Younger people who regularly use a sunbed have a 75% increased risk of getting skin cancer.
Men suffer more often with skin cancer than women as they are more frequently outside, with generally less hair on their heads and less anti-oxidants in their skin. They are less likely to apply sun cream.
I too like the sun but am careful by applying enough sun cream.
You don’t have to use factor 50 (which often contain aggressive filters), factor 15 will provide 94% protection from the sun’s rays and factor 30 will provide 97%. You don’t have to buy expensive sun creams, cheaper brands are also satisfactory. Apply sun cream every couple of hours and get your kids used to putting it on themselves too.

Regards Jetske,

(Dr. Jetske Ultee- Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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