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An Expert for the Model House!

It is already a few years ago that I met Marianne van der Gaag and Freek Koster of Touché Models. We started talking about our work as well as other things and we just clicked. It happens sometimes with people! Although, at the time, we didn’t have any concrete ideas, we did agree that, at some point, we would like to do something together. We kept in contact and now, at long last, it has happened. Yesterday was the launch of Freek and Mariannes Modelhouse, and I am thrilled, in my expert capacity, to be able to make a blog or vlog there each week.

For those who didn’t get to watch it yesterday evening on RTL late night; it is an online platform, wherein a number of models (such as Yfke Sturm, Nicky Opheij and Tamara Slijkhuis) give you an insight, through their blogs, into the life of a model. And how it is not all glitz and glamour, I can vouch for that! As well as the stories and films from the models, there are also a number of items from experts about health, diet, sport and skincare. Definitely worth a look!

You can watch the opening trailer here.

Here are 5 expert model tips to keep you on the right lines:

#1 Protect your skin!
Sun protection is a must for models. A tanned face is not beautiful in a photo and tan lines are a definite ‘no no’. As a rule, intelligent models protect their skin properly. I was able to admire Yfkes skin close up yesterday, and it is clear to see that she has always kept it well protected. The result: not one wrinkle or pigmentation spot in sight. Good for her! But if she can, then so can we. If the UV index (sun strength) is 3 or higher, then a sun cream of factor 15 or 30 is a must…

#2 During travel..
Travelling has a real impact on your skin. Research has shown that disruption to your biological clock, after a long distance flight, can cause your skin to be less resilient to outside damage during the daytime. Theoretically speaking, your skin can age prematurely because of jetlag. I advise models who travel frequently to use a good cream with antioxidants. Examples of effective antioxidants are Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol). Apart from the fact that your skin has trouble adapting to a new time routine, it also has difficulty in retaining moisture during a flight. The dry air in the cabin quickly dehydrates your skin, making it susceptible to external irritating substances. So, apply lots of cream.

#3 Lots of tiny bumps
I often have models coming to see me with complaints of dozens of tiny bumps across their forehead. They tell me that the anti-acne products they are using are only making the problem worse. The fact is they don’t have acne, but are instead plagued by a yeast which loves to flourish on warm skin covered in a thick layer of make-up. An anti-fungus ointment together with less concentrated skincare products will clear the bumps in no time!

#4 Contaminated make-up
As I was just saying, models wear a thick layer of make-up on their faces each day. I am planning to get some samples of make-up products from make-up artists to see which cultures are growing and flourishing. I think it will give you a fright! It isn’t hard to see that ‘dirty’ make-up products can irritate your skin and cause spots. In any case, my expert advice would be to wash the skin thoroughly each evening and use an Exfoliant containing Salicylic Acid to prevent pores from becoming blocked. If you would like to know the best way to do it, I can refer you to this blog. And one last tip; models- carry your own set of brushes with you!

#5 Beauty sleep
Get up for a photo shoot before dawn as the light is at its best, parties, interrupted nights through jetlag and a flight with crying children. It isn’t easy, as a model, to get sufficient sleep which will show through your skin. As insufficient sleep will cause the production of cortisol. A long term increase in the cortisol level will cause spots, inflammation, skin irritation and even ageing, because the collagen in your skin becomes broken down. If you want to keep your skin beautiful then try to get 7 or 8 hours sleep each night and otherwise have a short nap in the afternoon! According to expert Dr. Sara Mednick, an afternoon snooze works wonders anyway. It is not only good for our skin, we also become smarter, healthier and more productive!

Regards, Jetske

(Dr. Jetske Ultee-Research Physician Cosmetic Dermatology)

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