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Repair Cream
Repair Cream
50 ml
Extra rich cream for dry and sensitive skin. For face and body
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Frequently asked questions
What does the Toner do?
To begin with the Toner ensures that any last remaining traces of Cleanser and/or make-up are gently removed. But the most important job of the Toner is to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin. Moreover the Toner has a key role in the 5 step plan. For example, the active ingredients in the Moisturizer work more effectively in the skin when the Toner is applied beforehand. The Exfoliant is also more beneficial when the skin is primed with the Toner. At the same time, the active substances and the liquid in the Toner are locked in better when a Moisturizer is applied directly afterwards. To put it simply, the Toner is an essential product within your skincare regime.
Why should I use an Exfoliant?

We lose most of the dead skin cells automatically, however there are those that have a tendency to adhere to one another; the result is a thick and uneven uppermost skin layer. This affects the glow or colour of your skin. It is the same as a mirror. The smoother the surface, the more the light is reflected. Too many dead skin cells causes less light to reflect making your skin look dull. An Exfoliant removes dead skin cells in a gentle way making your skin smooth and radiant again.


What exactly is Azelaic Acid and how does the Serum work?

Azelaic Acid is naturally present in the skin but can also be found in other sources such as wheat, rye and barley. It has anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating properties and acts as an antioxidant. Dr. Jetske Ultee opted for a derivative of azelaic acid that is stable, mild and effective.


Aside from azelaic acid the Serum contains magnolia bark extract. This substance not only acts as an antioxidant, it also has antibacterial properties. An effective concentration of liquorice root extra was added for an extra soothing effect. In addition, the Serum contains the yeast killing ingredient Piroctone Olamine. Together the ingredients ensure that the skin becomes smoother. Problems such as redness and bumps lessen. Furthermore, the Serum has a lightening effect on certain pigment spots.


But when do I choose for the Repair Cream?

The Repair Cream is for local treatment of very dry or irritated patches of skin. Use this first aid cream, which includes oat extract and a unique complex of ceramides, for fast recovery of, for example, flaky patches on your shins, cracked lips, dry elbows, hands or feet, but also on your face if you suffer from very dry skin. The tube is easy to put in your bag while travelling. The Repair Cream is also a nice product to use on the slopes, during a windy beach walk or on the ice. The Body Cream is for regular use all over the body.


What is the difference between a Concealer and a Foundation?

A Foundation is used to give an even skin tone and disguise small imperfections. Sometimes, however, you need a little more (local) coverage. For instance, dark circles under the eyes, on red blemishes or nuisance spots. Then you can choose the Concealer.


Is the Concealer suitable for sensitive and dry skin (areas)?

The Concealer has a fine, creamy texture. Thanks to gentle, soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as niacinamide, allantoin and bisabolol, the product is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin (areas) such as around the eyes and on spots.