How to Read Your Skin

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
How to Read Your Skin
Why should you avoid creams with lavender, eucalyptus or alcohol? Which treatments are available for acne, what should you be aware of if you have sensitive skin? Dr. Jetske Ultee’s book answers these and many more questions about skincare. A useful gift for yourself or others. 

Celebrate with cosmetics?

No subject has been written about as much as skin care and beauty. And no industry so generously represented in the shops as the cosmetics industry. Certainly now, around Christmas, cosmetics are the centre of attention.  It is almost a tradition to stand several rows deep for those ‘oh so’ fine packages, which are equally finely wrapped at the till. And yet, it is this same indulgence which causes many skin problems.

Critical view

In her Skin Book Dr. Jetske Ultee ‘opens’ many a ‘pot of cream’ for a critical look at the contents. Which ingredients are best avoided? Why do so many children develop eczema? Which substances do you actually want to find in your skin care and why? How do you read an ingredients list and where can you take more care when purchasing cosmetics?

The major skin problems

In eleven reader friendly chapters Dr. Jetske Ultee addresses the major skin problems; from acne and pigmentation spots to sensitive skin – the skin type which relates to around half of Netherlanders. If people realise this already, as around eighty percent have no idea. Therefore people can sometimes suffer with complaints which are not related to their skin type, but everything to do with what they put on it. For instance, did you know that harsh products can make healthy skin dry, that oily skin can produce even more sebum through use of incorrect products or that oily skin can still be dehydrated?

Unlikely claims and promises

Alongside a thorough explanation about the different types of skin and their maintenance, Dr. Ultee also gives a detailed discussion about the importance of proper protection of the skin from the sun’s rays; the biggest culprit after all, of those niggling wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing.  She also resolves the unlikely claims and promises which have been printed on cosmetic packaging for the eager consumer who simply wants to be free from wrinkles and spots.

The best care tips for each skin type

To put it simply, Dr. Jetske Ultee’s Skin book is a guide to beautiful skin. Whether it is about young skin with spots, skin which has stayed healthy for forty years, mature skin with signs of ageing or about babies; for each skin type and for each age, Dr. Jetske Ultee’s book offers the best care tips. A treat for yourself or as a gift for someone. Read more about Dr. Jetske Ultee’s Skin book here

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