How to Choose the Correct Foundation Shade

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
How to Choose the Correct Foundation Shade
You should not see a good foundation on your face. Colour choice plays an important role here. This can be quite a challenge. Dr. Jetske Ultee has therefore created a special sample kit for the foundations, so that you can try all the shades. 

Foundation is not intended for tanning

Foundations form the basis of your make-up and their main purpose is to make the skin smooth. You can eliminate spots or pimples with a good foundation and let your skin flourish. However, never use a foundation for the purpose of giving your skin a tan. It doesn’t really work. Too light a shade of foundation doesn’t work either. It can give your face a lifeless look. For a natural, radiant effect you should always choose the shade which best matches your own skin colour. But how can you do that?

Sample kit for the right colour choice

Dr. Jetske Ultee has created four beautiful Foundation shades. You can see all four on a convenient sample card. You can choose the shade which best suits you. The Foundations are suitable for all skin types; the cream contains nothing but mild and soothing ingredients. The cream also has a silky smooth texture, glides on, blends well with your own skin colour and gives a light covering without it being visible.

Try it out on your jawline

Foundation is best tested on your jawline. Then you can see if the shade matches your face, neck and neckline. This gives a better result than testing on your hand. It is also important that you test the shade in daylight. Artificial or evening light can give a completely different impression. It is very possible that you will need to mix two shades together in order to achieve the correct colour. Further consideration should be given to the colour of your skin changing throughout the year, meaning that you may well need two different shades of Foundation.

The basis for a smooth look

Have you found the right colour? Then you have the basis for a beautiful smooth look. You can use one of our Powders to fix and mattify your Foundation. Choose the shade which matches your Foundation the best. Finally, to give your face some colour and a subtle glow you can apply our Bronzer. For a natural result use a large loosely rounded brush, such as the Powder Brush by Dr. Jetske Ultee.

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