Vitamin A Serum: Most Frequently Asked Questions

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Vitamin A Serum: Most Frequently Asked Questions
The Vitamin A Serum is a great success. The product is not only flying out of the web shop, but questions about the product are also streaming in. Here is an overview of the 6 most frequently asked questions about our Serum. 

Can the Serum also be applied around the eyes?

The Serum can also be used around your eyes. You can apply it until around the eye socket, or – if it goes well - apply it directly under your eyes. Be careful not to let the product go into your eyes. As the serum reduces fine lines and counteracts collagen breakdown, it is a must in the battle against those nasty crow’s feet.

I have Rosacea: Is the Serum suitable for my skin?

The Serum is extraordinarily soft making it also suitable for sensitive (Rosacea) skin. The product contains an effective and mild form of Vitamin A. Moreover, the product contains soothing and skin barrier repairing ingredients. As we advise with all the other products containing active substances, this product should be introduced gradually. If you have sensitive skin – or perhaps Rosacea – begin with once or twice a week. If this goes well, you can eventually apply the Serum every evening.

Can the product be used during pregnancy?

No medical warning applies for cosmetic anti-ageing creams with retinoids, such as our Vitamin A Serum. However, we still advise for security, not to use this product during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. Women who were unaware of their pregnancy, while using the Serum on their skin, need not be concerned. That has been confirmed in a recent study (2015) into the use of medicinal creams with Vitamin A Acid during pregnancy.

How long does the Serum last?

You can use the Serum - after having gradually increased it – every evening. If you use the Serum every day (two pumps per day) it will last you for approximately four months.

Can the Serum be used in combination with the Exfoliant?

Our Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid Exfoliant reduces the connection between the cells in the uppermost skin layer. This makes it easier for dead skin cells to shed. The vitamin A in the Serum also helps reduce the layer of dead skin cells. But with this it occurs because the cell division is stimulated from the inside out. If you use the Exfoliant as well, you can alternate this step with the Serum. You use the products every other day in the evening. The Exfoliant makes sure that the Serum (and the Moisturizer) are more effective in the skin. If you want to use both products each day, then we advise that you use the Exfoliant in the morning and the Serum in the evening. Always allow the Serum to absorb in for around ten minutes before applying the Moisturizer.

How long can the product be used for after opening?

The Serum will last for 12 months after opening.

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