Vitamin A Serum and Our Step-By-Step Plan

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Vitamin A Serum and Our Step-By-Step Plan
What enthusiastic reactions received about the new Vitamin A Serum! But there are also more questions about the product. Because how does the new product fit into our 5-step plan? 

Supplemental to our basic products

The new Vitamin A Serum has been specially developed for the more mature and thinner skin. The unique active ingredient stimulates healthy cell division. Chemicals which break down collagen in the skin are also halted. Through this the skin structure will eventually improve, and signs of ageing such as fine lines and pigmentation spots will diminish. Having said that, the Serum is not a soloist in these skin improving qualities. The Serum is no replacement for the five steps, but forms an effective supplement to the basic products.

Not a cream, not a Moisturizer

Although the Serum helps the skin to hydrate better, it is not the same as a cream. You will see that by the texture. But the ingredients list differs as well. The Moisturizer not only has high concentrations of extra antioxidants, but also soothing, hydrating and barrier repairing ingredients.

Serum is not an Exfoliant either

The Serum is neither a Toner nor an Exfoliant. The Toner soothes. And our Exfoliant based on Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid ensures that dead skin cells shed more easily and that pores are deep cleansed. The Vitamin A in the Serum also ensures that the layer of dead skin cells diminishes. But, in this case, it takes place because cell division is stimulated from the inside. For a smooth, well hydrated skin with a young firm radiance, it is best to use both the Exfoliant and the Serum. Alongside these, soothing, nourishing, protecting and mild cleansing still remain important supplements.

Third step in Dr. Jetske’s 5-step plan

For optimum efficiency apply the new Vitamin A Serum onto clean skin before going to bed. Therefore, after using the Cleanser (step 1) and optionally, the Toner (step 2). The Serum thereby forms the third step in Dr. Jetske Ultee’s 5-step plan. But wait a minute, wasn’t that supposed to be the Exfoliant? That’s true. If you also/already use the Exfoliant, you can alternate this with the Serum, if you want to. You then use both products every other day. If you would rather get the benefit from both products each day, then we advise you to apply the Exfoliant in the morning and the Serum at night. Always leave the Serum, as with the Exfoliant, to absorb in for around 10 minutes before applying the Moisturizer (step 4). Finally, don’t forget to do step 5 in the morning: protecting your skin with an SPF such as Suncare SPF15 or SPF30. Prevention will always be better than cure. Remember that sun cream keeps new wrinkles at bay. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: New: Vitamin A Serum Our Unique Form of Vitamin A

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