Our Unique Form of Vitamin A

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Our Unique Form of Vitamin A
Sun cream is the best candidate for preventing wrinkles. However, if you wish to reduce already present signs of ageing, we arrive at Vitamins. Vitamin A, in particular, in the correct form is a powerful skin enhancer. Dr. Jetske Ultee captured a unique form in a serum. How to use it? 

How does Vitamin A work?

Vitamin A, for which the collective name is retinoids, has a special function in cells. The ingredient stimulates the division of the cells. The layer of dead skin cells becomes thinner through this revealing a healthy, young skin. Retinoids do more though. They stimulate the production of collagen while, at the same time, preventing the breakdown of these skin building substances. This makes the dermis become thicker and firmer, and wrinkles become less visible.

Vitamin A is not an Exfoliant

Use, or incorrect use, of Vitamin A can cause skin flaking. This makes it often thought of as an Exfoliant. That is not correct. The (fruit) Acids in an Exfoliant loosen the dead skin cells for easier removal. This causes the emergence of smooth, fresh skin. Vitamin A also indirectly causes the layer of dead skin cells to diminish, but does this by stimulating cell division from within. For a fresh, even skin with a young, firm radiance it is therefore more beneficial to use an Exfoliant as well as a product with Vitamin A. By the way, do not do this at the same time. Vitamin A and (fruit) Acids work best in the skin when they are used separately from one another and have the time to absorb into the skin properly. In this way you also reduce a possible risk of skin irritation.

Vitamin A alongside the other Vitamins

The new Vitamin A Serum is a powerful supplement to the basic products by Dr. Jetske Ultee. For healthy skin with a good barrier function, the remaining ‘players’ are just as important. It is a fable that Vitamin A cannot be used alongside the other Vitamins or antioxidants because of among other things the ingredients needing different pH values to be effective. It is necessary, though, that the products have enough time to absorb in. Therefore, allow the Serum with Vitamin A to absorb in properly before applying the Moisturizer with Vitamin C, E and other active ingredients at night. The Vitamins A, C and E function along other routes in the skin, but will ultimately reinforce each other.

From acne to wrinkles

Our new product is created predominantly for skin with signs of ageing. But (young) unsettled and problem skin with spots can also benefit significantly from using it. In fact: that was originally the reason for Vitamin A use. The most potent form of Vitamin A, tretinoin or Vitamin A Acid, was successfully adopted for treating acne conditions. The noticeable skin rejuvenating ‘side effect’ of the substance was the reason for increasingly more research and employment in the field of anti-ageing.

Unique stable form

Although in the U.S. it is not unusual to be prescribed a medicinal cream with Vitamin A Acid for counteracting ageing, this is not common practise in the Netherlands. Creams with powerful forms of Vitamin A are mainly used to treat acne problems. Those who want to use Vitamin A for wrinkles will have to settle for the freely available forms of retinol in everyday cosmetics. These forms are, however, often less stable and powerful. Although our unique form of Vitamin A does not come under medicine, regular and long term use will visibly improve skin ageing, blocked pores, rough texture and acne complaints.

How do I use the Serum?

It is important that you introduce the Serum gradually. Your skin needs time to get used the ingredients. Only begin using it after your skin has become accustomed to the other products. First of all start using the Serum two to three times a week. Pump twice onto your hand and apply a thin layer of the Serum over clean skin before going to bed.

In the step-by-step plan

The Serum is the third step in Dr. Jetske Ultee’s five-step plan. If you also use the Exfoliant, you can use this in the daytime and use the Serum at night. You can also alternate between the Exfoliant and the Serum before going to bed. As with the Exfoliant, allow the Serum to absorb in for ten minutes before applying the Moisturizer (step 4). Lastly, don’t forget step 5 in the morning: protecting your skin with an SPF. Ultimately prevention will always be better than cure.  Remember that a good sun cream, such as the Suncare SPF 15 or SPF 30, keeps new wrinkles at bay. Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee Also read: New: Vitamin a Serum Vitamin A Serum and Our Step-By-Step Plan

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