Our New Favourite: Repair Cream

By: Dr. Jetske Ultee
Our New Favourite: Repair Cream
Everyone should have our new favourite with them. At the office, for example, where the air is so dry. During a windy beach walk, on the bike or on the piste. As the new, full Repair Cream is our crème de la crème for dry or irritated skin. 

Fast repair and protection

The name says it all: the Repair cream repairs. The cream heals the skin which has (temporarily) been affected. Such as the skin which dehydrates quickly in the winter months. Or that which feels tight and irritated straight after washing or showering. Basically the skin which has an inefficient barrier function and can use some protection. The Repair Cream is, among other things, equipped with a unique combination of the skin’s own substances. These substances – ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids – form the natural waxy layer of the skin. Or to put it another way: these fats form the cement of our skin barrier layer. Thanks to the right balance, the same as those found in the skin, these ingredients can be effectively absorbed. Together with some other special soothing ingredients, this cream ensures a fast recovery.

Gaps in the barrier

If the skin is dry or easily irritated then the barrier layer is no longer adequately intact. That can occur, for instance, through stress. Or by bad, or the incorrect use of, cosmetics. Age ultimately plays a part as well. Because, did you know that maturing skin becomes thinner, and through this, also drier? And also that the natural wax layer of ceramides increasingly ‘evaporates’ with advancing years? An insufficient amount of these fatty particles leads to an increase in trans-epidermal water loss. Or rapid dehydration. By the way, young skin can also experience this ‘loss’. The ceramide levels are also reduced in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne.

Replenish and refill

The products by Dr. Jetske Ultee help protect and repair the barrier layer of the skin. Furthermore, they contain ingredients, such as niacinamide, which can stimulate the production of ceramides in the skin. But sometimes there are circumstances which can put the skin under tremendous pressure. The Repair Cream works more quickly on the barrier layer, by, as it were, directly supplementing the ‘wax layer’. There are lots of cosmetic products that promise this too. However, in order for the ceramides to be absorbed into the skin, it is essential that they are combined with cholesterol and fatty acids. And this needs to be in the same proportions as in the lipid barrier of the skin itself. According to research, just ceramides in a cream, so without cholesterol or free fatty acids, or with cholesterol only, actually upsets the skin barrier and delays recovery.

Relieving and soothing

Our Repair Cream not only excels with its unique combination and balance of the skin’s own lipids. The product also owes it repairing abilities to some other very effective ingredients, including oat extract and panthenol. Oat has officially been recognised by the American supervising authority for nutrition and medicine (FDA) as a genuine skin protectant. The ingredient has a beneficial effect on skin rashes, and also such things as insect bites. Panthenol has special anti- inflammatory and soothing properties. Read more about it in the blog 'The Unique Ingredients in the Repair Cream'.

Put it on over your Moisturizer

The Repair Cream is not a replacement, but it is a perfect accompaniment to the Moisturizer by Dr. Jetske Ultee. The tube is not only suitable for the face, but also for the rest of your body. For instance, the product can be used as a balsam for dry or cracked lips, as a hand cream and also a soothing foot cream. The Repair Cream is also helpful for dry patches on the elbows, for flaking and itching skin, or for peeling nail skin. The product glides on smoothly, absorbs in well and leaves no shine. The Repair Cream is, to put it simply, a true First Aid Cream which you should always have in your bag. View the Repair Cream here Skin analysis Dr. Jetske Ultee

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